Monday, November 5, 2012

November 5, 2012

This week has been great, crazy, long, busy, etc. I love my new area but we just have so many new crazy things going on. I'm assigned in Daraga 1, which is right next to Legazpi city. Elder Casanova and I are the ZLs for the largest zone in the mission, we always have tons of things going on. This week we have ZLC which is today (we are in Naga right now) until tomorrow afternoon. Wednesday we have exchanges with the Legazpi district district leader. That night all of the elders on Masbate will be sleeping at our apartment, and that next morning we have a joint zone conference in Legazpi city. It will be a combination of tobacco and legazpi zones with the 2 island districts there. Catanduanes in Tobaco zone, Masbate is my zone. I'm way excited because I've heard such cool things about Masbate, and i get to go out there once a transfer for like 5 days!!! Anyways, right after zone conference, we get to go out to our island (the ZLs island). It is called Batan island it is part of Albay Province but it is 4 hours away from Legazpi city. I hope I don't get sick on the boat. We don't have a house there so we just sleep at the church meeting house there on the ground. Then we stay out there and work for 4 days.. We are the only missionaries in the whole Naga mission with an area like this!! I'm so stoked! We will be back on Monday morning back to Luzon by 10am-ish hopefully. This week will be great, I'll doubt I'll even be able to take a stinkn break there haha. By the way, we have BIKES out there on Batan. It is the only area in the mission with bikes! Sick!!

This week was a blur. Church was good, I bore my testimony, we had tons of dinner appts, (we have a ward :)) , we work a lot with members, etc. 

Love u!
Paracale, Michael's first area was on the coast, about where the top of the "I" is in Camarines Norte. Naga is about in the center of Camarines Sur. Baao, which is in that same province is just to the north of the large lake which sits on the border between Camarines Sur and Albay provinces.
Legazpi City is in Albay Province and is situated right on that small inland bump on the coast of Albay Bay.
Batan Island is the middle of the three small islands that make up the northern boundary of Albay Gulf, included in their area is a second island, to the right of Batan, Rapu-Rapu.
Masbate is the very large set of islands to the south in the Sibuyan Sea