Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25, 2011

How are you? Thank you so much for the hat and shirt. I've been wearing them all P-day [Personal-day]. How was Logan? Morgan told me about her horse ride LOL. What about Ethan and Emma, did they have fun? . . . I literally just got handed your letter about Utah Ha-Ha. But keep telling me more about the trip.

I'm doing my laundry right now, we'll see how it turns out. It's really not that fun LOL.

Tell Brad and Christian I said congrats. It's only a matter of time until Joel gets his. I miss him. How is he doing, do you know? Talk to Sis. Rollins for me.

My companion is Elder Michael Fronk. He is from North Ogden, Utah, he is Guatemalan. We all make fun of him because he is short LOL. He always falls asleep in class, which is easy because we have 6 hours of Tagalog class a day Ha-Ha. Tagalog is so hard!!! I'm picking it up though. I can just about pray and bear testimony in Tagalog.

My District is by far the best. We have so much fun together. Every other District looks way lame compared to us Ha-Ha. I lead the zone in pull-ups and eating. You should all be very proud of that. Oh and me and some other guys do a Pec Dance [flex Pectoral muscles] too. Elder Fronk hates when I do it because I'm just so good :)

Our schedule is usually this...

6:30 Wake up
7:10 Breakfast
11:40 Lunch
4:40 Dinner

In between (and after) all of that time we have class in 3 hour increments. All in Tagalog. It takes all of the happiness out of people LOL. We also have an hour of Language Study, Hour of Companionship Study, 1-2 hours Personal Study, hour of TALL (Technology Assisted Language Study) (which $*@<$), and an hour for gym. I'm getting pretty good at basketball!! I'm having a lot of fun with that. At 9:30 we are back in our rooms getting ready for bed until 10:30 lights out. Oh yeah! I'm trying to break the MTC pull-up record which is 42. Wish me luck.

...Here are some Tagalog words for you.
  • magandang umaga -- Good morning
  • kamusta -- How are you?
  • ebanghelyo -- Gospel
  • mahal po tayo ang Diyos -- God loves us.
  • totoo -- true
  • mahal -- to love
There are 2 ways to count in Tagalog: Tagalog numbers and Spanish (a little different).
  1. isa
  2. dalawa
  3. tatlo
  4. apat
  5. lima
  6. anim
  7. pito
  8. walo
  9. siyam
  10. sampe
Write me please!! (packages are cool too) :)

Love Elder Michael Kornegay

Oh yeah! Please update my blog asap. I tell everyone to check it so I don't have to write so much LOL. And please post everything including the little side notes from my District. Love You...
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P.S. Elder Claiborne loves your goofy son. He's a good man!
Hi Mom & Dad! Love, - Elder Austin Claiborne

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P.S. Elder Lindon says hi!

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P.S. Hello I'm Elder Berg. I'm from Montana. I want to be a Chiropractor. Enioy each moment you eat steak because they don't have it here.

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