Sunday, July 31, 2011

July 31, 2011

This week has gone by so fast but so slow. The MTC is so boring but I'm trying to have the best attitude about it. Its weird, I haven't been in a car, or anything like that in about a month. The food here is alright, haha. I swear it eats away at your insides. My district and I are always making jokes about it.

My district consists of me, Elder Fronk (my companion), Elder Tenny (roommate and Dsitrict leader), Elder Kunzler who we call "Tuns-of-funzler" (roommate), Elder Claiborne, Elder Lindsey, Elder Wardle, Elder Grob, Elder Berg, Elder Hunt, Elder Humphries, and Elder Carroll. We have so much fun together. I miss all of my friends back home too. Can you post my address on my facebook page? My branch president here told me we were allowed to have facebook pages activated at home, but we just could't sign onto them. Can you reactivate mine please, and change my name to 'Elder'? I want that so that you guys can post my address, email, and blog website on it for my friends to see. 

The Tagalog is pretty hard. One of the teachers here told me that in the Naga mission there are about 10 common dialects, in the area. He said for the most part the sentence structure is the same but the vocabulary is all different! He also said that everyone speaks Tagalog, but if you want to reach their hearts, you will speak in their dialect! No pressure or I'm doing my best to keep up with making flash cards and stuff like that so I can study. The language is fairly easy on paper but it takes time to learn to be able to speak it. 

Today is P-day so I'm about to go start my laundry. Its kind of sad that I look forward all week, to being able to do my laundry. Haha. After that I'll probably spend the rest of today trying to write letters. Its hard to keep up but I want to stay in touch with everyone. After that I'll just lay around until after dinner, when we have class :( 

My favorite days here have to be sundays. I thought it would be p-day, I love the sunday devotionals. Plus I dont have any Tagalog classes on sundays :) This morning we got to go to the Provo temple! Its finally open! Its been in cleaning ever since i've been here. I love going and its pretty cool to be able to walk there, like we do every sunday after sacrament meeting. I want to be a temple worker, part time in the Phoenix Temple when I get home. I think it would be so cool. 

Is there anything you guys want to know? Really, the MTC is kind of boring haha. Nothing changes we wake up at 6:30 and go to bed at 10:30. We have 7 hours of Tagalog class every day. 3 square meals. Some personal study, language study and companionship study, etc. Speaking of personal study for the most part I've just been reading ng Aklat ni Mormon and some old testament stuff during that time. I decided to start the Book of Mormon over again. I started the first day of the MTC and I want to finish up Alma today. I love reading it. The thing that slowed me down was highlighting so much scripture. It slowed me down so much that I stopped highlighting and I'll start highlighting again after I finish. I want to have read it in Tagalog too by the time I get to the Philippines. That should be pretty easy considering Ill be traveling for about 22 hours haha. 

By the way, we stop in Hong Kong on our way to Manila. I would love to get out and smell Hong Kong like you told me about, before we get on the plane to go to Manila. I guess there is usually a pretty decent layover in Hong Kong before we finally fly to the Philippines. 

What else do you want to know? There is never anyting new happening, but I love it here. This is definetly the place where I'm suppossed to be. Its a lot of fun, and really awesome, spirtually, wise haha. Could you guys send me some things? I like getting 'things' lol. Mom your cookies are better than anyone elses mom's but I think I should stick to lemon protein bars because I eat too many cookies here haha.

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