Monday, August 15, 2011

August 19, 2011

Hey mom!

Ill write a letter tonight. Can you please write me back and tell me about the stock market (somebody messed with the computer and the question mark button won´t work lol). Also the email server went down today so for some reason I have extra email time today! HAA! What movie are Morgan and Dad seeing.... What movies are out.... I was emailing Brother Beck and he told me how Morgan loved driving over at night in the Charger to come babysit lol. He said that car is a little dangerous for her haha. I would love my calender please!!!!!!!!!!! The year is more than halfway done too. I wont even use it that much (smiley face). I´m getting good at laundry by the way, I take all of my things out immediately so I don´t have to iron them. Also, could you please email me the second you find out where Joel is going....... I will check my email at the end of next week because I need to know ASAP. I´m so happy for him! Also Chad Mayberry and I have emailed a bit he is doing good, he will write me back more on Monday. I´m sorry there really isn't a lot going on here, the MTC is the same everyday so I'll think of something exciting to tell you about in my letter tonight. Love you! smiley face

Thanks for always being there mom. I love you and can´t wait to get your next letter. Don´t worry about anything!! We are all fine here, pray for me because the language is still hard. Elder Kunzler bought an Arabic Book of Mormon so we can look at it every time we feel depressed about Tagalog. It makes Tagalog a lot easier LOL.

Love you!

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