Sunday, August 28, 2011

August 23, 2011

Dearest Pamilya po ako,

Hello. What's up dudes?! I'm sorry I wont have much to write about. The MTC is quite boring. I love it and I love the people but it is so repetitive. I'm sorry it has taken me forever to get this letter written and sent. I lost the one I was writing. I was about halfway done with it. How is home going? Tell Ethan I miss him a lot! I can't wait to see him in 700ish days!...

I love being a missionary! But I can't wait to leave. We get our travel plans on Thursday! I'll call home at the airport, so yes a calling card would be great.

Today is Tuesday so that means we have a Devotional tonight!! Love Devotionals. Also I'm in the Choir, we sing tonight! That's what helps keep me sane during this repetitive schedule...

Joel got his mission call to Kentucky Louisville!! That's so awesome!!! I'm super excited. I got the pictures yesterday, I love them. Can you set the one of me and Emma as my facebook profile picture please? :)

Random stuff:
  • Elders Claiborne, Grob, Kunzler and Carroll want to move into Orem or Provo after their mission for school.
  • I finally got a haircut (it's nice)
  • My Tagalog is getting better
  • My testimony is growing stronger
  • I made a list of life goals today
  • There's a super cute Sister Missionary here
  • I want to move to Provo/Orem for school
  • People think I have the best ties, thanks to Aunt Emily!
  • I miss music
  • I miss my family
  • I miss Joel
  • I love you all hope all is good
Mahal kita (translation: I love you),
Elder Michael Kornegay

TRAVEL PLANS - via email Friday August 26
Monday September 5, Delta Airlines flight 1211.I leave Salt Lake City and fly to Los Angeles. I leave the MTC at 4:30 pm, my flight is at 8:15pm and I get into LAX at 9:22 pm. Then I leave LAX at 1:35 am September 6 and get into Hong Kong baby at 7:15 am on the 7th!!!!!
How sick is that??!??!
My flight is Cathay Pacific Airways flight 881. Then, once im in Hong Kong I hangout until my flight leaves for Manila. That's flight 901 Cathay Pacific Airways. I leave Hong Kong at 9:10 am and get to Manila at 11:15 am on the 7th!!
I'll be staying that day in Manila and the night. That next morning I leave for Naga!!! Im so excited!
Love you :)

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