Friday, October 21, 2011

October 10, 2011


I'm doing good. This week has been tougher. We had a double district meeting last Thursday in a town called Labo. Its between here and Daet. We went so President could interview our districts. That was fun because I finally got the Carabao belt I ordered through my zone leader. Its a black rough cut, Elder Smith got a black polished cut belt. I really like it, you can probably google them to see what it is. 

Carabao belt made from the horn of a Carabao (Water Buffalo)
We just got back from Daet last night. We have been staying there since Friday afternoon. We stayed there so we could stay with our zone leaders. We watched conference at the stake center. People only came for the Sunday morning session, which isn't great. We gave our investigators money to come to Daet and watch it, they came on Sunday. It was a really good conference. I took 23 pages of notes in my little notebook I bought. Other than that, our week has been pretty boring. We only taught 8 lessons. I'm not sure why but this week was really slow. I wanted to teach more but we didn't. This week has to be better or I'm going to go insane. In my planner I pushed us to having 23 lessons taught. I hope we get it done. 

We did give Sister Casipong some money though. Her husband has had some fishing troubles and switched over to doing some mining. I think it has to do with the time of year...anyways we left her some money for food and stuff, she wouldn't take it but we made her, she started crying and was really grateful.

Love Michael

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  1. Keep the Faith Cousin! We love you and we pray for you. The Lord knows your heart and your desires. You will teach more. Some weeks are just slow. Don't lose hope. You are already making a difference to the people you meet. Take care of yourself and be good to yourself. :) The belt is cool by the way. That will definitely make good conversation talk when you get back. :) Talk to you soon.

    Cousin Kirstin Wood