Sunday, November 13, 2011

November 7, 2011

Hey mom! Thanks for your email. Love you! 

I'm jealous of the cold weather you are having. It's so stinking hot here. This past week hasn't been too bad. It has rained like crazy every day this week. Which is good because it definitely cools this place down. That would have been fun to go up to Camp Verde with Dad this past week. I love that drive, and I love the weather there. It would have been really nice to go with him. 

This week was really fun. We had the ZLs come do exchanges with us, and the Elders from Panganiban. Elder Mckendrick came to our place. It was way fun having him at our apartment for 3 days. We had a curfew one of the nights he was here because it was "All Saints Day." We played card games and ate lots of food, so fun. Today we are heading to Daet to withdraw!! Woohoo  I'm so excited to get some money! We are going to eat at Alvinios or Mang Inasal, the best 2 places to eat in Daet. On Wednesday we are going to Daet again. We are going to spend the night there with the ZLs. We have a training meeting in Naga on Thursday morning and it takes forever to get to Naga from where we are. It is still at least 2 hours from Daet IF you take a van. Its about 5 hours in a bus. I can't wait to see Naga, I haven't been there since I got here. 

By the way I just had my 4 month birthday in the mission yesterday! We are going to the SM (mega mall) in Naga after the meeting to buy things. They have legitimate American stuff there!! I'm going to look for protein bars. Also I texted the Zone Leaders this week to text the Finance elders to pick me up some milk in Pili!! THEY BOUGHT ME LEGIT MILK<3! Real milk from a real dairy. Booya. I will get it on Wednesday when we are in Daet. The ZLs are bringing it back with them from Naga for Zone Leader Conference. I will pay them then. They got me chocolate and mango flavors. 

Anyways this week will be crazy. We wont be home until Friday around lunch time.  Oh yeah another thing, I'm dropping my laundry and sheets off at a Laundromat in Daet on Wednesday. They will be ready by Thursday night :))

This past week was really good. On Saturday right before we fasted, I ate Adobo with rice, and a hamburger with egg. Then a sister in the branch called and asked us to come over for a merienda. We said OK because her husband is less active and we figured we could teach him. Elder Smith and I brought 2 loafs of super sweet bread to eat there too for all of us to share. Elder Smith and I shared a whole loaf. After that she gave us giant plates of spaghetti. I was so full but she kept loading more on my plate!! :( I was sooo stuffed and felt sooo sick. People here like their spaghetti sauce super sweet!! It was so weird. After that I passed out on my bed for 4 hours, and had LBMs most of that week anyways. We only taught 1 lesson that day because I felt so sick. By the way I had LBMs so bad on Monday it was insane. Elder Smith and Mckendrick almost died from the smell. I thought I was going to die. 

Welcome to where we buy our meat in the Philippines

I wont be with Elder Smith during Christmas time. I'll most likely get my 1st Filipino companion next transfer! I'm having a lot of fun here! We just got back from Daet. I got a snickers bar with almonds there STRAIGHT FROM AMERICA! It was so good. I got it instead of a milkshake. I also bought some Quaker oatmeal cookies to eat after dinner tonight, whatever that may be... 

All I want for Christmas is my hat, peanut butter, and any sort of food from home! Oh ya and email me some pictures of you guys!!
Love you! Love Michael :)

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