Sunday, November 13, 2011

October 30, 2011

We are going to go play basketball today, which should be fun. We are playing with some teenagers here. As of zone conference, Ive lost more weight. I think I'm down 14 pounds. I'm not that happy about it because its mostly muscle. I'm skinny. 

The language is getting better. I've been trying to lead the lessons that I can, but Elder Smith always picks up for me afterwards. Yesterday seemed to be a really good day for the language though. I am getting better. This week has been alright. We got punted a lot. 

Everyday we've had to walk all over town trying to think of people to go to that we can teach. We have some good less active, and part member lessons going on. The biggest problem here is with people and getting married. Its so expensive here. Also, once you're married its super expensive to get a divorce. AND if you do get a divorce, you can't get remarried. People can only get remarried if their spouse dies. 

We taught 20 lessons this week which is alright. Because I'm being trained, we have different schedules than everyone else. That makes it harder to teach as much as other missionaries. President wants our focus to be on the new training program, then teaching. 

We had Zone Conference this week which was really good. I hit my head way hard on the stupid AC unit outside the stake center. It was actually pretty funny. It was Elder Smith and I, and our zone leaders who saw it. One of my Zone Leaders caught my glasses when they flew off. I'm tall here. Any Filipino person can walk under that AC but Americans, like me, have to watch out or they'll get domed. 

Random thing that happened this week, I was showering (more like pouring water on me with a ladle thing) and a big fat cockroach flew onto my leg. It was gross. I killed it. Don't worry I didn't freak out or anything. Also I've seen 2 big huge spiders this week. They are so big. We just killed them with my sandals. I don't know what else to write. 

Love Michael

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