Saturday, January 7, 2012

December 12, 2011

Hey everyone! 

Elder Vedrio and I are doing good. He is teaching me lots of things in Tagalog. It gets tough sometimes because he is really good at English, and I want to speak Tagalog so I can learn more. 

When am I getting a Christmas card?! I'm excited for my package. The ZLs told me that I have a package sitting in the mission office for me. I have to wait until the 21st to get it though :( Oh well I'm excited!! 

I'm glad to hear about all of your missionary work over there and hope you are all praying for this work over here!! That's really awesome though. 

By the way Ive lost 20 pounds. I got weighed in at interviews/DM in Labo and its official. I hate it. I worked out this morning for the 1st time in forever so I could try and get some muscle back!!! We stayed at the Talisay Elder's apartment last night. They have a pull up bar....and it was embarrassing haha. In the MTC I could do 28. This morning I stopped at 5. I couldn't do another. I hate it. I weigh a whole 178 pounds now. I weighed 207 in December/January. 

This week has been alright. We didn't meet our goals but I'm setting achievable goals yet tough goals for next week though. I love Elder Vedrio and am grateful for his help in helping me learn the  language.

Love you!

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