Saturday, January 7, 2012

December 19, 2011

I love getting emails especially long ones!! I don't mind the long boring details! Sorry I love getting emails but I hate responding to them lol. 

Everything this week has been going good. It was Elder Vedrio's birthday last week so I bought him pizza while we had to go to Daet to withdraw on the 15th. We've been trying to keep busy with teaching but we've been punted a lot. People here don't have a whole lot of time for the missionaries. Elder Smith told me our area is a hard area, but I still love it here. We also had a baguio this week which slowed us down a bit. Even with my payong I was drenched!! Elder Vedrio doesn't want to go and buy a payong so he was even more wet. He is too cool for them I think lol. We were soaked. 

Also our apartment flooded a little bit this week. By flooded I mean loads of water all over the floor in our bedroom, but luckily my sheets were completely dry. It took me an hour or so to sweep up all of the water. I love the baguios here because it cools the weather done so much. I wore a long sleeve shirt the shower day, which is unusual. It was still hot and humid, don't get me wrong, it just wasn't THAT hot. 

Yesterday in my studies I made a Christmas lesson plan for our lessons that day. It was going to be for mostly less actives in our branch, but we taught it to some investigators too. I must say it went really well in all of the lessons. I know that when I plan and do everything I can the lessons we teach are so much better because me and the spirit are a much better teachers together. They all went really good. 

I'm in Daet right now for P-day. We've been here since 930 for our zone dance practice (I have a solo...). We are staying here tonight. Tomorrow we are going on exchanges in Daet. Wednesday we leave Daet as a zone to head for Naga at 630 in the morning. I'm sooo excited. I love Naga. They have a Mac Don (McDonalds) and a KFC!!! I will also be buying my "Christmas gifts" there as well as picking up my Christmas package. AND I GET TO SEE SMITH :D So I'm excited for that. 

Friday we are back in Daet for our Stake Christmas party. It is for stake leaders and missionaries. I'm excited for this week but bummed at the same time because there goes our work. We had a total of 10 of us at church on Sunday. Our first member showed up at 9:23 and the 2nd member at is at 9:00 people... The night before we had a branch Christmas party with a crazy good turn out. Lots of nonmembers, investigators, less actives (especially less actives) were there. It was a lot of fun, we had a lot of food, and a good turn out. Obviously people thought that that meant that they didn't need to go to church the next day. 

I can't wait to see you Monday kitakits!!
Love Michael

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