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December 3, 2011

Hey mom and dad!

Thank you for your emails I loved them. I loved the ones from the kids too. I think I might print them out and keep them with me. First I am soooo jealous of the cold. It is Christmas time here too and it is HOT. It has been hot forever. I left when it was hot, and I'll return home when it is hot. Seriously 70 degree no humidity weather is going to kill me! I'm adjusting well to the humidity quite well. Sometimes I get cold with 2 fans blowing on me at night. When I first got here I sweat during the night, now I don't. 

Yes my new companion is Filipino. His name is Vedrio. He is from Valenzuela City. I was so nervous about getting a Filipino companion but I like it. He is the best Filipino at English I've heard in the mission. We speak Tagalog outside and English in the apartment. I have to ask him to speak Tagalog sometimes because he speaks a lot of English and it doesn't benefit me. This is his last transfer...meaning I'll be in Paracale for at least 6 months!!! I'm excited about that, they speak pure Tagalog there. 

We have interviews in Labo with another district or 2, and President and Sister will bring any mail for us if we have it. I WILL open it to get my cookies!! Haha. If not I will get the package next week, or in 2 weeks while we are in Naga for Christmas conference. I am excited for Christmas conference. I love Naga because they have a legit mall there called the SM. I will probably buy something at the SM or just end up saving my money. Elder Smith is bringing me milk when I see him at Christmas conference though :) 

I got distracted the other day while studying....I was thinking about CEREAL AND MILK!!!!!! How lame is that?!?? I haven't had my favorite meal in 3+ months! By the way tomorrow marks my 5 months out as a missionary. Crazy! Also, don't worry about me being spendy either. I have become super tipid (frugal). I had a hard time paying less than 200 Peso for half of a large pizza and a cookie with ice cream on it (That's like $5 American or less). The food might sound good but it is incomparable to American food. Water is the main ingredient of all the ice cream here. 

Mom I loved your stories about being an aid at school! I loved it! That is so awesome to hear that you are so into BMX now haha. 

This week has been crazy. Transfers were this past week. We didn't get to go out and work until Thursday I think... I led all of the lessons on Thursday. For some reason I think my Tagalog turned off on Friday, I didn't lead those lessons. Sunday it got better. I tried to teach Elders Quorum but I wasn't able to teach the whole class. My language was butchered it seemed like. I don't know why but I felt stressed out, but I feel fine now. 

Last week while I was with Elder McKendrick (ZL) and Elder Smith, we were in Daet. This was the night before Elder Smith was leaving. We were getting our pictures developed and I talked to a lady. She then pulled out a piece of paper and asked if I knew what it read. She seemed very determined on wanting to know the message on this paper! I told her I didn't know because I don't know Chinese (the paper was in Chinese).... She thought since I knew Tagalog I just MUST know Chinese lol. I told her I wasn't even good at Tagalog. She then asked me another question and I had no idea what she said. 

Love Michael

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