Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January 22, 2012

This week has been so lame and awesome. I'm sorry that there isn't going to be a lot of detail in this email. Thursday was our district meeting in Panganiban. We had our meeting and everything, it was just a normal district meeting. After that we went out to eat at a resto there. We had a lunch appointment later, but I was hungry and got a couple sandwiches in Panganiban with the district. I got an egg sandwich and a chicken sandwich. The chicken sandwich tasted funny, like "Filipino-wanna-be-American food" funny. After that we went back to Paracale, and ate at Ate Tess's house. She made us sinagang which is my favorite here! Sooo good.

Anyways we ate there and after a couple hours I felt sick. Then I felt wayyy sick, so we went to our apartment to lay down and I woke up with a huge pain in my stomach. So we walked to some members house to use their cell phone so I could text the ZLs about a medicine. 

On the way there, I threw up on the side of the street. After we used the phone and were walking back home, I threw up again on the side of the street. I then spent the WHOLE night throwing up and [that other thing] while listening to Elder Jeffrey R Holland talks and drinking Powerade. Sister Bliesner called me at about 9 or so to ask if I was OK. The next day I felt so sick, but didn't throw up. I didn't eat anything until Saturday at the baptism, and then a P.B. and J yesterday. I haven't worked out since Wednesday. I'm skinny and I'm glad I'm eating now.

The baptism went really good on Saturday. The sister of the 1st girl I baptized, got baptized. It was really cool. I had to baptize her 3 times because the waves were ridiculous [the waves kept breaking over us, and she was never fully immersed].  

I'd rather have baptisms in an actual chapel than at the beach. People get way distracted at the beach and forget that they're at a baptism. Also I get sand and everything everywhere at the beach! Also after the baptism, I have to change in the open. The other day, I was changing and literally as I put my bottom's on like 6 motorcycles with 3 people each on them rode by... I almost showed them everything - if they would have ridden by 5 seconds earlier... Not much happened there other than just sitting on the beach with part of my branch. Also the only other person who needs to be baptized in that family is Tatay and then the whole family will be complete. 

I also confirmed her a member of the church on Sunday. I didn't think I was doing that but I did. I was told I could do it in English if I wanted to but it was so crazy!! I thought of what I was going to say but I couldn't! I could only think in Tagalog, and it came out in Tagalog (mom stop crying)! It wasn't good Tagalog but it worked. That's the 1st time that's ever happened. Normally I just think in English and say Tagalog. The language is starting to click a lot more, which I'm thankful for. But I still have soooooo much more to learn. 

I also spoke in church about prayer, it went good, and helped teach elders quorum because the book they are using in elder's quorum is just in English. Its the book about the teachings of George Albert Smith. That's a really good book, I love the story about his life.

Now we are in Daet. Ive already eaten lunch, and we are here until tomorrow. We have Zone training tomorrow morning. It should be fun I love zone things. Elder Balasta is doing really good. I really like him a lot, but for some reason I really miss Elder Vedrio. He and I got a long so well as friends, but could have done more together as missionaries. Elder Balasta just had some teeth surgery this morning so I hope he recovers quick. Tonight the APs are coming to stay in Daet with the ZLs and us, it should be really fun.

What else do you want to know? 

Mom, stop crying. 

Love you,

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