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November 13, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad, 

Thank you for your email! This week has been busy. The language is doing better. I think I get better everyday. I can understand a lot more of what people are saying each day. I think I'm starting to get sentence structure too. The hardest part for me is memorizing verbs and conjugating them in my head. I'm definitely going to get a Filipino companion next transfer, which is in 2 weeks or so. My language will start to get a lot better with that. I'm nervous for a Filipino comp. As for teaching, we hardly taught at all this week. This week has been so crazy. We have been to Daet several times and that normally takes all day. We also went to Naga which is way far away. It was a fun week though. 

Yesterday there were 4 of us in Elder's quorum. Me, Elder Smith, the Branch President, and his counselor. There is normally 5 or 6 of us. Manny Pacquiao was fighting and the whole world stops here when he fights. It was dead quiet outside except for the sound of TVs. So because it was the 4 of us, they asked if I would teach the class. I taught for 30 mins about repentance. It was hard but I made sure I asked questions and had some people read from Gospel Principles. It went good, I will start doing it more for practice! 

We have 3 people right now planned for baptism. They are progressing alright, but seem to forget about some commitments. We also get punted (which means they no-show for our appointments) a lot. That was the main reason we didn't teach so much this week is because of getting punted. 

This week we had a training in Naga to review the training program we've been following. It's the new program that we followed in the MTC. It's for new missionaries in the field. The church is starting all new and arriving missionaries on it. We did a lot of practice teaching in Naga. After practice teaching 2 different Filipino missionaries, President Bliesner asked us to teach him in English. We were trying to figure out why out of all the missionaries there, he wanted US to teach him. Elder Smith and I did quite good, but it was weird teaching in English.

November Training Conference in Naga. I'm back row just right of center.
Before the training was over, all the missionaries left for lunch. Elder Smith and I along with some others went to the SM (a local mall). They have MCDONALDS!! Or MCDO as everyone calls it. I ordered a Big Mac with a Oreo McFlurry, and then bought a peanut butter brownie on our way out. Sooo good. After the training one of the office Elders gave me my liter of chocolate milk!!!!!!!!!! SO GOOD. It wasn't like America, but definitely the closest thing to it. 

Also after training we went back to the SM to buy some things, before we left for Daet. I bought an umbrella, a snickers, and a smoothie.
Love Michael

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