Monday, February 20, 2012

February 19, 2012

Dad thanks for the email! 

Im going to send this to you, go grab lunch, and come back to upload more pictures! Thats crazy to hear about Neil Chieg and his baptism. I wish I could have been there. How are they doing? I want to meet Deuce Lutui, haha. 

Turns out... I'm not transferred. It means I'm doing 7 1/2 months here in Paracale. I'm so excited because I love the members, but I also am tired of the same thing everyday, I think a change in a new area would have been awesome. Oh well, 6 more weeks. 

We got a new branch president in our branch. The old branch president is a returned missionary of one year and is in school and working full time. Our new branch president is from Daet and lives there!! He's on assignment from the stake because they need priesthood there. So our new branch president is from Daet, which means he rides his motor scooter/cycle here more than once a week for church things. He is so nice. He is a police officer here in the Daet / Talisay / Labo area. He came up to work with us on Saturday and all of our lessons were so awesome. He was able to talk to the less actives that needed help and tell them that he is always there to help. 

There is this one less active in our branch. She is less active, and we've seen her at the Catholic church before. She lives far away from everyone we teach but we always go and teach her. Her husband died a couple years ago and she works really hard to make money for the family and the kids to go to school; she makes hollow bricks, sells BBQ, owns a tindahan (grocery store), etc. My first ever lesson in the Philippines was to her, and she has NEVER been to church since I've been here. Well, she came to church yesterday! I was so pumped that she was there. I think she was touched because I offered her my glasses. You know those old Polo glasses that I always wore before I left? I offered her those, and they didn't work for her so I'll buy her a pair here. She said she can't read her scriptures because of her eyes, and I figured if she had glasses, she wouldn't have excuses. She came to church and stayed for the block, which was way cool.

As for the FHE, it all went really good, and fun. I spent about 1000P ($24) on food, but everyone had such a good time, and was so thankful. The tatay (father) caught a bunch of fish when he went fishing earlier that day, so we ate all of the fish, and of course had rice. I had so much rice yesterday, I thought I was going to die. I went crazy with the deserts! These people would never be able to just afford these things so they were all super grateful. I gave Sister Tess money to make Mango Graham and whatever she wanted. I love the mango graham. It is graham crackers layered with mango slices condensed cream milk and Nestle cream. It probably doesnt sound all that good to you but I haven't had a real desert in months. Sister Tess made potato salad, a desert here....There was pineapple in it, and the mayo was sweet. I can't wait to come home to real food haha

I was doing pushups the other morning (by the way I'm up to 73 pushups in a row), and I felt an itch in between my toes. It was in between 2 toes, so I just itched it, thinking it was an itch. It itched again, and again for a while, and I was wondering why it was so itchy... So I went to the bathroom, and afterwards, poured some of our shower water on my feet to see if that would help. All of a sudden, this little red worm slips out from between my toes!!! I picked it up and put it on a Joseph Smith pamphlet. It was still alive and full of blood! It was a tiny little worm trying to get into my toe. I was bleeding a little bit from my toe! It was so crazy haha! Also, later that night I felt something in my hair while we were in a lesson. I touched my head and felt something crawling around! I picked it out and killed it without freaking out. Ya I know, Im getting good at this bug thing lol. 

Also yesterday, while studying, I couldn't focus at all! I kept thinking how bad I want a Taco Bell bean burrito with green sauce instead of red. I could kill, but I won't. I miss Mexican food so much. haha

Love u

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