Monday, February 20, 2012

January 28, 2012

What's up?

This week has been pretty good, crazy, but good. We had Zone training on Tuesday. After that, Elder Balasta had a dentist appointment

This week we have been working really hard and taught a lot of lessons, of course to mostly less actives. But the thing was we had only a couple at church!! I was way bummed, we worked real hard but not a lot of people :( I also told Elder Balasta that I really wanted to have companionship study, because I told him I really need it to get ready for our lessons that day. SO boo-ya, we have had it one time baby! That makes for a total of 2 times in the past transfer and a half. Elder Smith and I never missed a day.

I've been keeping up with my studies. Its way hard to stay focused when it is so hot, or we have a brown out, so sometimes I have to study in just my undies lol. This week Elder Balasta and I went tracting too! We've never tracted together, and I've only done it one other time. It was fun. I led the tracting and we taught 2 lessons and have 2 new investigators from tracting.

There is this boy who's Nanay (mom) we tracted into who has a large kidney stone. He looked like he hadn't eaten in forever. We aren't allowed to give out money, and I didn't have food on me to give him, so I gave him an angry birds ring I got at Christmas from another missionary. He really liked it. For some reason Angry birds is insanely popular here. If you are dressing nice, you wear angry birds. If you want to be cool, or looked at like a cool person, you were angry birds. For members who can't afford nice Sunday clothes....Angry birds baby lol. If you want anything angry birds at all let a brotha know.

I don't know what else to talk about. I stubbed my toe pretty good yesterday and it was bleeding for a while. We cleaned our bathroom the other day, which was crazy. I killed a cockroach. Elder made chicken curry for lunch yesterday.

Yes I received the package from the Tooles! Ive been busy, I got the package during transfers and was to busy to write a thank you letter, Ill write one tonight.

Pray for me to stay focused that's the hardest ADD!

Love Me

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