Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Mabuting Samaritano (the Good Samaritan)

This week has been fun I have been writing things down that happen to me in my planner so that I can remember to send them to you.

I think on Tuesday or Wednesday, Elder Gilliam and I were leaving the house of a less active member in our ward. Anyways, to get to her house you have to walk on some crazy bridge. This bridge is so funky and is made of such random things and in all reality is a very dangerous bridge. The house is set up over the water (run off from the ocean). When the tide is high, the water gets very close to the front door of the house. When the tide is low, obviously little to no water near the house. When we came to the appointment, the tide was fairly high. I was walking on the bridge and the bridge broke! My left leg went through the bridge straight into the water. (This is one of the plus' of having rubber shoes haha) I was wet up to my knee -- we taught a great lesson by the way. On the way back the water was even higher and I was more careful walking back. Once I got to the end of the bridge, we noticed that we had to jump a good 7 feet to reach the dry land. There was no way to get to land with out being soaking wet. I almost took the jump but I thought I was going to break the bridge even more, but I had no choice. All of a sudden this man came outside of the small little house right next the dry spot I was aiming to jump to. He was one of the most Christlike people I met so far on my mission, and I only met him for a good 15 seconds or so.... He came outside and walked straight into the water and told me to get on his back. I laughed sooooooo hard, then excitedly got on his back and he carried me to the dry spot. He went back and picked up Elder Gilliam. We thanked him as he was going back inside. He didn't expect anything or say anything after that. He just saw that two Elders were about to have a bad, wet, day and he helped us. I love that guy.

We also had a crazy service project this week. Remember that same crazy service project that Elder Smith and I did a while ago? Elder Gilliam and I went and did that again. Elder Gilliam told the lady yes before I could explain to him that this will take all of our day and so much money! Oh well, we got to serve her, she was happy. We carried huge logs all over her jungle property for her to cut and burn for charcoal, which she sells for money. Elder Gilliam and I had 4 hours of travel time just to get there! We didn't get home until 3 or 4 and we were beat. I basically did half of my shower outside with the hose to keep the bathroom from getting to dirty and from using too much bath water. I am sunburnt and have red ant bites on my arms and lots on my feet. Dumb. The best part of the day was being done with the work! She fed us all the buko (young coconut) we could eat. I had 2 huge buko, I was so insanely full afterwards that it hurt. The water in the buko is so amazingly clean and delicious. By the way it has more electrolytes than any type of Gatorade drink. Random fact I learned before my mission from all of my many M&F magazines haha.

This week we had a less active sister feed us a meriyenda or snack during meriyenda time. Normally people give us boiled bananas. She fed us boiled kamote or sweet potato with coconut, dried fish, and little lightly fried eels that we dipped in vinegar. It was so interesting and random, but pretty good, eating all of those things like that, and washing it down with orange soda.

We had an INSANE turnout at church on Sunday. 48 people. The most we've had on my mission. Elder Smith and I loved the Paracale people but it was hard on him training me, so we didn't have as good as success as he deserved here. Elder Gilliam has an insane amount of love for all of these people here, they didn't have any choice other than GO to church. We have been so hardworking and diligent with them and they all showed up. They all had a great time being with each other. They will most likely keep going because the less actives are reactivating each other. They are all becoming good friends again. I spoke on Sunday and taught Sunday School to the youth with Sister Tess. Before class I told them how happy I was and asked them if they noticed that they were happy. It is possible to have a good time at church, who would've guessed.
Love you!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

CABIN FEVER - February 26 & 28, 2012

Whats up. My new companion is Elder Gilliam; he is an American, he is way nice and hard working. To be honest I wanted another Filipino because of the language help but I think mine is coming along good enough so I got an American. 

This email isn't very long, we've been inside so not much has happened. Elder Gilliam has Dengue Fever. He is still feeling gross so I don't think we will be working today either...

...We've been stuck inside for over a week. I've listened to all of my talks, and read all of the conference issues of the Liahona that we have. I haven't shaved in forever; I will later today. One of the members of the branch brought over these DVDs for us to watch. Its a 7.5 hour 3 disk set of Church History, produced by the church. Already done, watched it all! I have every single piece of laundry done, and I washed some underwear and a bed sheet for Elder Gilliam. 

I always wear flip flops here in the apartment. They are called tsinalas here by the way, random fact. The soap we use here says its antibacterial, so no problem there. I'm not worried about catching anything. 

I'm going to need some money to buy new shoes. I've been wearing the same rubber shoes that I got when I first got here. They are going to need to be replaced by next transfer. Also, my old shoes, the Dr Martins, are growing some insane mold stuff on them. I've cleaned them a lot, but the mold comes back the next day. I still have that new pair I haven't touched, and am keeping them in my luggage to stay fresh. The rubber shoes are really inexpensive - $5 - and also super convenient because of the rain, and also having to take our shoes off at every house we go to.  I would also like to buy new ties, next time I'm in Naga. I also need a new journal. I KEEP FORGETTING TO TELL YOU ABOUT THAT. I have been limiting how much I write in my journal so that it will last longer but I need a new one soon. I know I have a bunch of them at home I should have brought... I hate asking you guys for things, but I think I've done good, going this long without asking for stuff haha. I found I can buy Jif, not Skippy Peanut Butter here. It's not Skippy, but it is cheaper than having you mail it. I can also get acne spot treatment in Naga, so I'm okay there as well. The next time I'll be there is probably at transfers. I'll buy my shoes and acne stuff there. My skin is alright, it gets gross but I'm doing a good job of taking care of it. I use other facial washes and stuff, the spot treatment stuff is just so useful!

To be honest Im really excited to be transferred! 5 more weeks baby!! This transfer will be really good though. The language is coming along good enough where Elder Gilliam and I can teach together really well, and we have some high goals set for the area.

Love Me