Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April 8, 2012 - Transfered!

This week has been so crazy with transfers etc. I left Daet first thing Tuesday morning, and now I'm here in Iriga. I got to Iriga sometime in the afternoon on Tuesday. It was a long day, but a good day. I got to see Elder Smith, which was sick! I love that guy. We were all waiting in the mission office for transfer announcements, and I saw him walk in and he didn't see me and I yelled "what's up pops!" Then he looked over to see who it was, and then I waved and said what's up. He came over and gave me a big hug, he's such a cool guy. We talked for as long as we could. His life seems to be going good. Here in the mission all trainings are 2 transfers long. Elder Smith had just finished the first of two transfers with his new trainee when he found out he was being transferred. He just got made a Zone Leader. He goes home in December and still has some time left in the mission. Too bad he isn't my Zone Leader. He is a Zone Leader in Naga zone, I'm in Ligao zone, like a told you. 

My companion is Elder Edillo! He is awesome and super masipag [diligent]! We are going to get some good work done here in Baao. My new area is Baao! I love it, it's really beautiful. We can see the Mayon Volcano in the distance if it isn't too cloudy outside, and Mt Iriga looks so huge from our area. Its beautiful. 

Mount Iriga in distance, just off the right slope, partially hidden by a cloud, is Mayon Volcano
Mayon Volcano
Like I said we live in Iriga city, but work in Baao. Its on your way to Naga city. Its not a bad trip too and from our area, only 8 pesos [about .18 cents] each way. I got really lucky being here. We live in a big city that has everything we could need (I just found a place to do my laundry for 25 pesos [about .60 cents] a kilo!) but we workout in the beautiful, not city-like area. Its quiet and clean out there. 

I had a chance to meet some of the members out there, they are so nice! And everyone loves to make fun of my name. Its ridiculous how many people make a joke at it. Its all funny though because I joke at myself. If they laugh at my name I just say "mais na bakla" which means Corn Gay hahahaha. If I could, Id tell grandpa that Wheeler saves a lot of problems, and discussions haha. Dad, can you please tell me where we are from? What our heritage is, etc? People ask about Kornegay and I jut say its Swedish, because I have no real idea haha. 

I found out we don't have a branch here, or a ward. We are part of a group, that meets outside. Its sounds so sweet and foreign missionaryish. Groups are created when...
  1. The Church is in its beginning stages.
  2. Members are scattered.
  3. The number of members is small and leadership is just beginning to develop.
  4. Members have special language needs or other special needs.
The members I've met so far are so great, Im excited.

The language is so funky here. Sometimes I have absolutely no idea what's going on. Literally, I go from understanding to BOOM nothing. Its not Tagalog, but I learned enough to say a couple things in it. The group leader's wife said the missionaries always speak Tagalog, which is no problem. Everyone can speak and understand Tagalog. My companion uses some Bicol in his teaching. I'm not going to study it too hard, just Tagalog, but Ill pick up what I can when I can.

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