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April 16, 2012

I really like my new area and really really miss my old area. But Baao is sweet of course. I’m excited to be out and seeing the mission vs. being in Daet zone for 7.5 months. The church here in Baao is pretty weak. We have a group and a group leader named Jeff, but we need someone from the district at our meetings every week to preside, even though Jeff has the Melchizedek priesthood. We have more than 25 I think going to church every week. Iriga is awesome. Its like Daet, but to me isn't as cool. I’ve spent so much time in Daet; it’s like my home. If I could pick a place to end my mission it would be in Daet. Anyways, Iriga has everything Daet does except for Alvino's and Catherine's (two best restaurants in the Pines) but it does have an LCC (grocery store like place) and a BIGGS diner, which has almost American like food for twice the price. Its actually not that bad priced, unless you're a missionary haha. Just a couple $ US. 

Unfortunately I didn’t see any crucifixions or anything like that. And unless Elder Edillo didn’t tell me, we had no curfew. I really wanted to see something crazy! We did see a lot of parades. But parades aren't so special in the Pines because they have parades like every other day for no reason! In Daet there were at least 3-4 parades a week....crazy haha. We are looking for a place to live in Baao but no luck so far. I don’t mind it. I can get my socks, pants, and polos washed here for super cheap. I kind of hope we don’t move but we will keep looking around, and asking members for places to live.... Congrats to Amy Lee and to Mitt Romney. I hope he kicks butt. Ill crap my pants to come home to a Mormon Prez. Heck ya! We will be able to Skype!! I’m so excited to see you all :) but I’m not speaking my language until I get home :) 

I really liked your Ensign article and hope it gets in!! That means Ill be able to read it in our Liahona issue :) 

This week has been good. It’s been long but good. On Tuesday Sister Bliesner told us to come to Naga for a Dr's appointment. They think I have an amoeba. But DONT WORRY. Its fine. They gave me medicine and I’ve been taking it. I feel better and my LBMs are getting better haha back to normal poop hahahaha. At the Dr's I had to do a fecalanysis but I couldn’t poop. I tried forever but couldn't. BTW it was cool talking about poop in Tagalog to the Dr.. The Dr wrote me the prescription for amoebas any way and I’m getting better. Later at the mission office, Pres Bliesner joked that the guy who has had LBMs couldn't produce a little poop sample. Stage freight! haha. I laughed so hard; I thought it was pretty fun. Nothing like your mission president telling you poop jokes. 

This week has been good like I said. We are teaching some pre-teen-ish kids as investigators which is all right. I really want to focus on their families though, who are Less Active. We are hoping that as the kids build testimonies, the parents will remember theirs. I wish I had a cool experience like Brad Hunsaker did, but I did feel the Spirit in my teaching. For me, teaching Adam and Eve and the Fall is the hardest thing to teach to people because it really has to be taught PERFECTLY for people to understand. This is hard for me especially being new to a language. We taught it twice in a row. I can only think of 2 other times I have taught it in my mission, let alone twice in a row. After the 2nd time I was bummed and kind of mad, because I know I could have done better. We went straight to another lesson and started teaching the Restoration. It went so great. And I felt a really good feeling as I explained the First Vision. I know what I was teaching was true and I know that my language kicked butt in that lesson. I felt so great ending the day with that great lesson. And now I know what I need to practice, after teaching the other lessons earlier. 

I spoke in church yesterday about the importance of Jesus Christ, and his influence on us as members of His church. It went really well. 

I don’t know what else to write!! In the pictures you see of the CSP, the members served us Bicol express. My favorite dish, as well as Buko (young coconut). SO AWESOME! 

Love me

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