Saturday, September 1, 2012

April 22, 2012

This week has been good. I’m feeling better; I had my first full week of normal poops in forever! Haha. I was given one medicine from the Dr and I think that with tons of rice, and prayers worked for me :) 

Not too much happened this week so I’m going to write what I can remember that was happened and stuff. BTW tell dad thanks for making me cry a little bit about Court. I don’t know why but I did, I hate crying lol. 

This week I ate lots of PIZZA! It’s been forever since pizza! Canned tuna and rice gets old after a while, so I ate tons of pizza when I had the chance this week. In the Philippines there are lots of things called "Butiki" here. Butiki are house lizards. There are always lots of them, and they don’t do anything except eat bugs, which is awesome. They are so cool to look at and do some funny weird things sometimes. One pooped on my patriarchal blessing once, which was retarded, but other than that they are cool lol. They're like our pets here haha; there are always 1 or 2 Butiki on the ceiling or something. Right before a lesson started I was watching a Butiki crawl around on the high ceiling looking for bugs, and halfway in the lesson it found some. I looked up at the ceiling to watch it eat the bug, because I heard it make some sound, then it jumped and missed climbing on to the other wall, and fell straight in the middle of us in the middle of our lesson hahahaha. It was so hilarious because of the splat sound it made when it hit the floor. It was like Family guy, when people fall in that show, their actions are so over exaggerated and they look horrible when they fall. This is what happened to the Butiki! It was so hilarious I couldn’t help but laugh :) After about 15 seconds of lying down in such a twisted position, it slowly walked under a bookshelf hahaha. 

Something cool that I noticed this week was that the words covenant and testament are the same words in Tagalog. I have known this for quite a while but the meaning of it never really clicked with me until I was in a lesson talking about it. I don’t want to type forever about the significance of it, but I’m sure you guys see it. I thought that was really cool as I thought about our covenants in the Church. 

I talked to the people at LBC (Filipino FedEx) and asked how much it costs to ship Morgan’s ring, they said they cant ship "accessories" like a ring or watch, something like that. Maybe because of its value. Ill try and figure something out to get it out to Morgan. 

We taught this girl named Jayle yesterday. She is the only active member of her family, and its really bumming her out. She cried a little bit about how hard it is to be the only active member of her family. And we gave one of the best lessons of my whole mission to her about how God loves her and how he knows her trials. It was so great and I’m glad we were able to help her. She is 13 or 14 and she is so nice to me. She talks sign language to me while we talk, because her older sister is deaf, and she is trying to teach it to me. So I'm learning sign language here! I love you all. 


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