Saturday, September 1, 2012

April 29, 2012

My old ZL here in the mission, Elder McKendrick is of course back home. He went home in February. He is moving to Arizona for a bit to sell Living Scriptures to save up for school. Do you think he could come over for dinner or something? Only if he wants to. I’ll tell him to try and not sell anything but it would be cool. Maybe have the missionaries over or something like that... 

This week has been good. It’s getting hotter here everyday, which stinks. I can't wait until it starts to cool several months. Elder Edillo and I are doing well. We are working hard but this week we had a bad turnout at church, so we are going to try and work a lot harder in order to get a lot more people at church on Sunday. 

Elder Edillo and I just ate at some little restaurant here, and now I have a stomachache. I ate a fish dish mixed with some vegetables and coconut milk; it was pretty spicy but really tasty. I don’t feel too good now. 

This transfer is almost done. Today is the first day of week 5; it’s going by really quick. I love it more and more everyday here in Baao. 

By the way I think my spelling is getting a lot worse here. I have to keep clicking the right click button to correct and change my spelling. 

This past Saturday, I went on exchanges with Elder Casinillo. He is one of the other elders in our house. He and I went and worked in Baao. He is a really great Elder. He and I taught the best together out of all of the missionaries I’ve ever taught with. We exchanged really well in our teaching and had a really good time. All of the lessons we taught that day kicked butt. Of course we were worthy for the Spirit, which was a big help. While we were on exchanges we went to a lady's house in our area. We visit her often and she used to be quite active, but now is having a hard time going back to church because life "is hard." She text us before we went and told us to come over to eat--for free! We were like "sick that works see u there". When we were about 75ish yards away, we heard some really loud music, and it kept getting louder. It was videoke. It is the biggest hobby in the Philippines hands down. No one here can sing, but everybody gets all drunken up and just lets it loose. People's voices are so bad. Elder McKendrick and I used to laugh about it when we were together. I’m no one to talk, my voice isn’t good, but this isn’t in the same ball park. Anyways we approach the house and music is just blasting like crazy! There are tons of people there, all with a bottle of alcohol. They all simultaneously (it could’ve been a movie) turn to the left and look at us, like we just killed the party, then I said something in Tagalog, and they were so taken back that an American just spoke Tagalog. We were about to turn away and leave when we were ushered in and shoved to a couple of chairs, and shoved full of food. (BTW we just came from a lunch appointment, which was really tasty and we were so full). We had lechon (the big roasted pig) and all sorts of food. I ate something that tasted like my gym shorts and sauerkraut. Other than that everything else was good. They had blood too. I’ve eaten blood here before and I’m not a big fan, but its not too bad. I was so full. 

The people kept saying "Joe u want drink", and a lady asked why I wasn't dancing and I said "honey my drink ain’t strong enough, this is just water in my cup." I said that except without the honey. On the way out people kept asking me too sing but I had to refuse. If I wasn’t a missionary, I’d go load up on some overpriced boxed chocolate powder milk, and sing all night with those guys, but I’m a missionary. 


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