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August 12, 2012

Hey mom and dad whats up? This week has been a long and great and amazing week. I had such a good time. I need to back up to last Monday. Last Monday Elder Yangyang and I had dinner with the Bagacina family. They are amazing. President Bagacina is the branch president here in Iriga 2 branch, which is the branch over Baao group. We talked for like 3 hours and ate lots of Filipino spaghetti and cheesecake (cheesecake here is egg flavored cake with cheese sprinkled on top) -_- I love that family so much. They are so good to the missionaries and always want us to be OK. They told me they'd teach my new trainee and I how to make certain foods so that we don't die from eating Ramen and canned tuna everyday. Hehe how nice. On Tuesday morning Elder Yangyang and I cleaned the apartment and we both packed. I only packed 2 days worth of clothes and he packed everything he had. We rode to Ligao city on the bus as well as with the missionaries from Buhi. Once we got to Ligao I said bye to Elder Yangyang. I'm going to miss that guy. He was so loud and funny. We had such a good time and he helped me fix my Tagalog in certain parts that I used to struggle with. He is a great missionary. He is now in Sto Domingo near Tobacco, Albay. He'll for sure help the people over there. After that I waited no joke, all day with the other missionaries in Ligao. We went out to eat and just had a good time laying around in air conditioning while we had the chance. After that I rode with one of the APs and the new couple missionaries as well as with some other missionaries back to Naga city. We got to the office and all of the missionaries went back to there new areas. I was left with the APs until the office elders got back from their work. While we waited, they drove me to Mexicali, the only Mexican food restaurant in the mission. I loved it. I LOVED IT. I miss Mexican food soosooso much. Nagpakabusog ako doon. It means I feasted over there hehe. 

Once we got back we 3 hung out at the office until the office elders got back. Then when they did we went to their apartment that has AIRCONDITIONING and HOTSHOWERS. So stannnkn good. That was my best night of sleep ever.....even though I had about 5 hours of sleep because we stayed up late playing Monopoly deal, then we had to wake up at 5 to go to the mission home at 530 to help with departures. At the Bliesner's house we ate......get this.....milk and cereal....with cinnamon rolls. I thought I was going to die. I loved it. I never wanted to go back to Baao ever! I hadn't had milk and cereal in 11 months. Too bad it was boxed milk, but I count my blessings :) After that we took everyone to the airport blah blah blah said good bye to the departing missionaries blah blah blah kind of made we want to go home blah blah blah sat on the edge of the runway (not illegal in the pinas baby!) and watched their plane fly away, so sick. Makes we want to be a pilot. After that we bought fresh milk (score) chocolate and mango flavors, then went to the Filipino DMV so a new elder could get his filipino drivers license. BTW the DMVs here suck more than our DMVs. Count your blessings. 

After waiting for ever in the hot Pino sun, we went to a members calendaria and ate laing. One of my favorite foods here. Good stuff. And then, I took another hot shower and got ready for Trainer's training. We had a great time at trainers training. The Spirit was soo strong. President Bliesner is the man. We had such a good time and I learned so much. I really want to be the best missionary trainer that I can be. After that we had dinner and ice cream at the mission home, after all of the training. As we were all cleaning up, I asked what else I could do to help, and no joke as those words came form mouth I dropped a glass :( It was sooo embarrassing and I felt so bad. So I started apologizing and started cleaning up and then I noticed, I had a big cut right on my pinky :( I then started to bleed every where. All I wanted to do was be a helper and I ruined everything haha. I'm such a n00b. President and another Elder cleaned the rest up as I tried to stop the bleeding, and Sister Bliesner grabbed me a bandaid and some medicine. Before I knew it, it was just me talking to the Bliesners in the kitchen while I was trying to get the bleeding to stop. We didnt talk about anything too cool but they are such awesome people. I love them. I want to be just like they are. They are a perfect example of what families should be like. Anyways then I went back to the annex where the trainers slept. We once again had aircon and hotshowers. I was sooooo sooo cold that night. The temperature was on like 70 degrees F and I had 3 large blankets on me trying to stay warm. I was miserable and happy at the same time haha. I'm such a wimp for cold, since I've been here. The next day we had breakfast, and more training and ate our awesome lunch, then I met my trainee, my child, my first born in the wilderness, my anak, my aki. His name is Elder Madsen, from Idaho Falls, Idaho. 

I met Elder Davis, the one that is from Eager, AZ. He's really nice. I love Elder Madsen though, he and I will have a fun time. Our lessons have been sketchy at first since he doesn't speak Tagalog. He is still MTC level. I'm obviously not perfect but I think I'm pretty good for only being here a year. Ive been speaking more and more in lessons, almost trying to cover 2 halves instead of my usual one half of a lesson. I'm kinda nervous to be honest. Ive never been in such a situation where all understanding, and translating and everything rests with me. Never. I'm now the translator for both sides, is I guess how you'd say it. I need your prayers everyday, I can only do it with them. Every night after we close our day with prayer I pull up a chair to a wall and start practice teaching it, for 30 minutes or so. I pray every night, that Ill feel the Spirit while I teach my wall (which is dingding or pader in Tagalog, 2 words). I'm going to do this everyday of my mission so I can get good at teaching, and knowing the doctrines that need to be taught. I need your prayers people. Yesterday, Sunday, I gave a talk in church. I was called on the spot to speak. I was like "ughhhh this is the millionth time I've spoken in Church" after that I prayed for help and apologized for complaining. I spoke for 15 solid minutes about the power of testimony, and our duties as members of the Church to use our testimonies to help our selves and others. I spoke about the blessings of it, and what will happen if we forget our testimonies. I also shared the steps we need to follow to not forget them. One of the steps was showing our faith by preying and reading the Bible and Book of Mormon everyday. I compared it to an example I heard once. God gives us our bigas (uncooked rice) to be filled and nourished, but it is of no benefit to us if we don't cook it (cooked rice is called kainin). If we use the bigas that God gives us daily, and we use it too its fullest extent and "feast upon it, upon our kainin" we will be blessed and we won't ever forget God's power in our lives. Not to brag, cause I need to be humble but.....that was the best talk Id ever given in Church :) 

Later that night, we went to the Church in Iriga and heard Elder Michael John U Teh speak. He and his wife are staying with the Bliesners. They all came for the devotional. We will see them all again for a missionary zone conference this Wednesday in Legazpi. He came up to me shook my hand, and said my name and said how excited he was to meet me more on Wednesday, I responded to him in Tagalog, and then he and his wife spoke to me in Tagalog. I hate speaking to Filipinos in English. 

Love you 

P.S. Pray for my language. I still sound like an Americano though! I want to be a Filipino! I feel like even though I don't have much trouble in the language anymore I'm still so far away. Yesterday when I heard Elder Teh spoke. He had amazing Tagalog. Even though he is Filipino, Ive never heard one person here in the Philippines speak so well, smoothly, deeply. Every one here uses a lazy Tagalog because they are Bicolano people not Tagalog people. Pray for me that Ill sound like a Tagalog speak, please go to the temple! Ill fast for it this week! 

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