Monday, September 3, 2012

August 19, 2012

Hey dad! Love you. I hope everything is going good. You all sound like you are having a great time back at home. Thats good that you are getting more time off compared to what you've been doing these past several months. Its crazy. Thats awesome about the missionary who served in Cebu. I heard its really beautiful over there. The language is a lot different though, even though there are some similarities. Elder Yangyang speaks fluent Cebuano. He knows several languages actually. I miss him, I saw him last week in Legazpi when we met Elder Michael John U Teh for the 2nd time in one week. I will actually see him again this week (Yangyang2) when we go back to Legazpi to meet....Elder Quinten L Cook, President Callister of the 70, as well as Elder Ardern of the 70. Elder Ardern is the one who spoke at General conference about the importance of time, and Angry birds in his talk last October haha. I cant explain how excited I am to meet all of them, this is gunna be sick!!! I'm also excited because I will see 99% of my friends here in the mission. Smith, Fronk, etc etc. I cant list them all. Its going to be so sweet, I'm really excited. Our meeting with just Elder Teh this past week has been amazing, try putting all 3 of these Apostle, and 2 70 members, all together in one meeting. Not to mention, President Bliesner as well who kicks butt. Insanely cool. Anyways I'm really excited. 

This week has been really good in our work. Elder Madsen and I have been really trying to follow the 12 week new missionary training plan exactly. We have been seeing a lot of blessings from it by trying to follow the teachings and and guidelines inside. We have found 8 new investigators just this week alone as well as 3 referrals received, who we haven't even contacted yet. We also gave 2 baptismal dates to some investigators. I'm so excited for this work as well as the potential it has. We have doing everything we can to help this area progress and we really think it will, if we keep it up. I think the Lord really wants all new missionaries to have amazing first transfers in the mission and he is softening peoples hearts, and making them super ready for the missionaries if they just follow the rules and do what they are asked. Missionary work is idiot proof if people just follow the rules. 

This week we had a Tatay return to church for the 2nd week in a row. Which is amazing. He and his wife made a goal to be sealed at the end of this year. BOOYA! He and his family are amazing and they love when we come over. They are in our farthest area but they are probably my favorite people to go to. This week we also had a man, who recently wasn't even able to walk, go and bless the sacrament at church as well as get a temple recommend. Oh snap! the last Branch president who was then in active, is now active and blessing the sacrament every week. So awesome. He will be heading to the temple soon as well. I forgot to say that last week in Church we had a group of dogs run straight through our sacrament meeting, chasing chickens, causing chaos, right after my talk. After that Jeff Botor who is our group leader said in perfect English "come back spirit" in a funny voice. I laughed soooo hard. 

BTW _____ is a RM with 3 kids and he's in his 40's and he and his wife both work but are so hard off. He asked before i /get transferred if I can give him one of my white polo shirts. I told him no problem. I'm thinking before I leave in 3 months Ill just get him one made, fit for him. I hope that's OK. 

Love you!

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