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August 5, 2012

Hey mom and dad, its alright that you guys weren't able to email to much this week. I totally understand. Life sounds so crazy to you guys right now. I know that all of those extra hours for dad is a blessing, and the surgery will only help mom in the long run which is awesome. That's awesome that Shar is coming over, tell her that she is awesome and that i love her so much. Heck, just let her read the email. Haha. Thanks so much for the money....I already bought the camera! I withdrew my missionary support, and used some extra/personal/emergency money that I had to buy the camera. I was on exchanges with Elder Taylor for a day this week. Elder Yangyang had a crazy fever this week(highest was 103.6 F) and was at home all week until Friday and Saturday. I went with E. Sp8's comp (Taylor out to work) we went to the department store here to get some last minute things before we went home, and I decided to take a look at some cameras. They just got cameras in Iriga by the way. When I was looking everything was looking out of my price range. All in the 8000 to 12000 peso range. I was like holy cow no one in this whole province can afford this junk. I took a flyer from a lady and looked at the cameras. I saw a Canon which was 6000P. It was an alright price but a really nice camera. I looked for it in the window across the store, and found it but for 4998P. I asked why the prices were different and she thought maybe it was a typo. Then she asked her manager and they checked and said its on sale because its 'last years model'. Brand new, really great canon camera with a bumpn price i wasn't going to find any where else. I told them I'd buy it. I took advantage of that and consider it a blessing. Its 10x better than my last camera, but at a really good price. 16mp 5x zoom, sweet other features and junk. Thank you for letting me buy this!! merry Christmas to me haha. 

Being in the house this week kind of was lame. I did a lot of language study, and stuff like that. On Saturday we got transfer announcements. I could have sworn Id be transferred......I'm not. Ive been here for 4.5 months already....Turns out ill be here 3 more months, the same amount of time I was in Paracale! I'm here 3 more months because......I'm training. I'm pregnant. I'm about to have my first mission child haha. I'm so excited and pretty nervous. If he's American, that means Ill be teaching almost everything in every lesson. With Elder Yangyang as my first Jr companion, we had a really good teaching pattern splitting on and off. Now I'm going to have to teach everything to this new missionary. I really hope he is an American, just because it would be fun to speak English more than Tagalog all day, but if its Filipino my Tagalog is going to get even more better. Anything works for me. Ill meet him on Thursday afternoon. 

Today Ive spent all day cleaning the apartment for him and doing my laundry. Tomorrow I take Elder Yangyang to the transfer point in Ligao city which is in Albay. After I drop him off there Ill get a free ride in one of the sweet mission vans with the APs or the new couple missionaries and other missionaries going North in the mission. Ill be dropped off at the mission office and Ill be temporary companions with the office elders which is sweet. They just chill in air con all day. Their apartment has air con and hot shower. Wednesday morning they will be taking all of the departing missionaries to the airport but before that they said we all get to eat breakfast at the mission home! Sweeeeeeeet. I get to go! Wednesday at 3 I start being trained on how to train haha. This goes until Thursday afternoon when the new missionaries come in. BTW that guy Ali and Brittany know, Chantz, is in that group of missionaries. Ill get to meet him, maybe even train him. 

Dad did you ever train? DO u have any advice for me? MY ZL called me Sunday night and gave me some advice. He is one of my best friends in the mission and I respect him so much. This guy is a hard worker, and super awesome. He goes home this week so ill get to take him to the airport. He is from Glendale. Have you heard of Adam Conte? He is from Glendale North or just Glendale stake. He went to Apollo high school. He is coming home this week. He was my ZL for 3 months and is a kick butt missionary. One of the best missionaries I've met. Hopefully you get to meet him. He is from that area. 

Whats up? This is part 2. Yesterday we went to Pili which is in Naga zone to go get Elder Yang2's patriarchal blessing. We had an appointment for 2 weeks for this past Sunday at 4pm at the church building in Pili. The Patriarch never showed up!!! We texted him a million times and called as well but he never showed. So at 5pm we got a hold of the phone number of the Pili elders and called them for help. They said they'd take us to his house. That was so nice of them because his house is hard to get to and no close to anything. We met them in centro and by 6pm we were at his house. We go inside and his wife is so nice and tells us to come in. She goes and wakes up her husband, he comes out and starts talking to us. We tell him why we were there and he says "Oh." We ask if he can do the blessing, he says....."ya, next week." We just stinkn traveled from Iriga city which isn't that close! We had to leave early from Church just to get to the appointment he wasn't even at. We were all really frustrated with him(all 4 of us Elders). I was only for a second then let it go. I kept thinking of my really good fast that I was having, and I didn't want to ruin it. Plus if any arguing happened, he wouldn't have been able to give the blessing anyways. No Spirit. So we dropped it. Elder Yang was pretty bummed. They fed us saltines and hot chocolate (i broke my fast), and we were out of there after that, and within 2 hours we were back home. We just told him that Elder will get his blessing in a different stake when he is transferred.....thats if he's lucky enough to transfer somewhere near a place that has a stake. Anyways this is my email! Love you 

Thanks again for the camera. I really am grateful. I said a silent prayer once the lady went to go to the back for me to buy it. Im sure the 1000P discount was a blessing. Its such a good camera at a good price. 5000P. Also if you didn't read any of my emails yet, I told mom that Im going to be a trainer. Im already obedient in everything but Im really going to kick it into gear for this next missionary. So he has the perfect first experience to his mission. I know a lot of missionaries with crappy trainers. They turn into crappy missionaries. Any other suggestions? 

Love you 

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