Monday, September 3, 2012

July 15, 2012

I really wish that I had a lot of good things to say about this week because I don't...

Anyways I'm so excited to tell you about this week -_- 

Elder Taylor, one of the four missionaries in this house had some crazy long fever this week. From Tuesday until now, he has had a fever. It might be dengue. He says it is but if you compare his dengue to Elder Gilliams dengue, Gilliam's was way way worse haha. Anyways his companion, Elder Speight (Sp8) is the DL so to get out of the house, Sp8 and Yangyang (Yang2) went on exchanges on Tuesday, leaving me to be with Taylor. On Wednesday all DL's and ZL's in the south part of the mission had a meeting in Legazpi. Elder Sp8 being a leader needed a comp to go to the meeting. Pres told E Yang2 to go with Sp8 to the meeting, that was another long day. On Thursday E Sp8 and I worked, going on exchanges in his area. So I got to teach....but it had no benefit on my members >:( On Friday E Sp8 and I went on exchanges again in their area. We did this because E Yang2 woke up with a crazy ear/headache that morning, and slept most of the day for that to go away. On Saturday, we had weekly planning which took up our time. We also had to be back in time for a baptism at 5 o'clock that night. 

If you're wondering how our baptisms went, they didn't happen. Sis Vega told E Sp8 that her husband knows that she is attending a different church, but he doesn't know that she and the kids want to be baptized. E Sp8 said its better to have peace and happiness in a family relationship, than to join the church without talking it over with the husband first. They all have really strong testimonies, and she cried to E Sp8 as she bore her testimony on Tuesday, at their exchanges/baptismal interview. So the baptism for them hasn't happened yet, but I really hope it does while I'm here in Baao, before transfers. I did get to baptize someone though which was pretty cool. I was with E Sp8 on exchanges on Thursday and while I was with him he had to do a baptismal interview for the sisters for their baptism on Saturday. After the interview, the girl asked me to do the baptism, and to give her a priesthood blessing because she wanted one. I was so taken back because I have never met this girl, ever, but she wanted me to do this. So on Saturday, even though we didn't have our own baptism, I still baptized somebody. How cool is that? Also the blessing I gave her was the first priesthood blessing I'd ever given in Tagalog, and since then I've given one more, to E Yangyang (I did confirm someone a member of the church in Taglish - a mix of Tagalog and English - once, but that's a little different). It is great, I get super nervous sometimes with the language in blessings but I feel like I said the right things. 

On Sunday, I was asked to speak out of the blue. I had no idea what to talk about, so I just opened to one of my favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon, Alma 17, and shared how Ammon said we need to share our good examples to others. It was Alma 17:11, how we need to be good examples to be used as instruments in the hands of God. I struggled at first sharing my talk, because I had no idea what I was really going to share about, then it clicked, and my Tagalog picked up, and my talk went really good, I incorporated other things like repentance, and stuff like that in the talk. I also shared the time that we all went to the fall festival at Sunset ridge and how my friends asked about dad, and if we were still Mormon, stuff like that. It went really well. Elder Yangyang said my Tagalog was correct during the whole talk which made me feel even better. During my rest time this week, I listened to my favorite Jeffrey R Holland talks again, I used to do this everyday in my mission. these are my favorites Borne Upon Eagle's Wings, In Times of Trouble, A faithful friend is a true defense, fatted calf, etc. Thanks for putting those on my iPod for me. 

Not sure what else to write about. 

Love you!! 

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