Monday, September 3, 2012

July 22, 2012

Whats up? 

Happy Birthday dad. I wrote you a happy birthday in my journal! 

This week has been good. We got a lot done, even though our work was cut short on Thursday and Saturday. On Thursday Elder woke up with an earache, just like he had the week before. I texted Sister Bliesner for him to let her know that his earache was back. She told us that we should go to Naga to get it checked out to make sure its not an ear infection or anything like that. So we left our place at 9am and with stupid ridiculous traffic we got to Naga around 10:30. One time Elder Edillo and I made it in an hour... Anyways, we get to Naga and sat in the Panganiban district's district meeting. It was fun getting to meet new missionaries I had heard about. After that we went to lunch with them at......McDonalds. Booya. We scored. I ordered a Big N Tasty with a giant chocolate sundae. I didn't even used to like chocolate sundaes, but when your caught up in the moment and spirit of a Filipino order a sundae. And it was really good too. I hope I don't go crazy with those when I get home haha. After that we went to Elder's DR's appointment. The appointment was scheduled for 1:00 but of course the Dr wasn't there so we walked back to the mission office to be there for an hour or so to wait until the Dr got back. The Dr's office is close to the mission office, and the mission office has air conditioning. While waiting there I met the new couple missionaries, they are so nice. As well as the new AP, Elder Laimana, who is Elder Smith's MTC comp, and who is also Elder Yangyang's trainer. It was fun to meet all of them. We went back to the Dr and the Dr has just got there, and then he saw us. He said Elder Yang2 has something in his jaw point. Not an actual thing but it just is a big pain. So he bawaled a lot of foods for him, and also told him that he has to rip his foods before he eats. He can't just straight up chew his food. Haha. After that I bought tons of fresh milk and we went happily home. 

On Saturday the youth in Iriga district had a "Mini MTC". The missionaries gave workshops and did practice teaching, and got to go out with the missionaries to teach. It was pretty fun. I don't think we, as missionaries, will sign up to do anything like that again because it took a lot of time from our work, but the youth had a good time. The youth in the Philippines are so awesome. They all want to be missionaries and love going out to work with them and sharing the Gospel. As a youth their age, I wouldn't want to do a Mini MTC youth activity, but they all loved it. I think the Church here in the Philippines is going to be soooo strong here in 10-20-30 years when these youth are all leaders. 

Something else that's fun that happened this week is that we lost our cell phone....or at least we thought we did. On Wednesday, we were out and about teaching and stuff, then we realized that at night once we got home, we didn't have the cell phone. We were freaking out because we wanted a zone activity this transfer, and we were told if we lose a phone, we become disqualified from having one. BTW we think our chances of an activity are pretty good, we got a 59/60 on our apartment check. Booya. Anyways the finance elder bought us a new one on Thursday when we were in Naga and gave it to us before we left. Then on Sunday, the member gave us our phone. It had fallen behind the bamboo bench we were both sitting on. I was so happy because now we might have a ZA, and we wont have support taken from us each time we withdraw! I was also excited because Elder Yang2 was claiming I had the cell phone, and he said he gave the cell phone to me, after he sent a text, in front of some tindahan (like a little roadside store) after that appointment. Well that's impossible because we went to that tindahan after the appointment, meaning the cell phone was still in the house of the member! Haha I love being right, and not feeling guilty for losing the cell phone. But I have grown up, and did not remind him of any of this, or rub it in that he was the last one holding it. :) 

I've been feeling my Tagalog getting better. I haven't been doing anything different at all, I just keep trying to learn new words, etc. I'm getting so much better at memorizing, but I still have a long ways to go. I feel so much more better with my language than I did 2 transfers ago or even last transfer. I've made a goal to try and memorize one scripture verse a week in Tagalog. 

Our investigators aren't going to be baptized anytime soon. The real concern isn't with them but with Tatay (Dad). We haven't met him, but he doesn't want his family being "Mormons". It gets frustrating with people like that here. They don't have any desire to listen to even a bit of what we have to say, they've already made their minds. I respect him for having his own beliefs, but when your whole family wants to follow Christ in a different (correct) way, he should at least consider it. But I love him still even though I've never met him. I hope he comes around. We are going to teach the Vega's how to use their testimonies to help their father. Testimonies are given to us to use. when we don't use them, we lose them, Every time we teach them now, we are going to incorporate importance of families, and faith and testimony. I real love this one line in PMG, it says that faith is the power to act. So when they have faith to have on their testimonies, that they've worked to build, they'll see the fruits of it not just in their lives but in someone elses. Tomorrow we have interviews with President. It was supposed to happen last week at our DM but there was an accident in Naga zone with another missionary, who fractured 2 bones in his foot on a tricycle accident, so now they are tomorrow. I'm also giving the workshop tomorrow with Elder Yang2, in English tomorrow, which should be interesting. Sister Bliesner will be attending the workshop while President takes missionaries one at a time to be interviewed. That's why it'll be in English, for her. 

Love you

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