Monday, September 3, 2012

July 9, 2012

Last week I emailed to Dad first, now I'll email to mom first. Sorry I got on so late today, I hope you are still on. I got up early this morning to do all of my laundry. After that I ate some oatmeal, and got ready to go to the gym. Elder Yangyang and I went to the gym this morning and I had such a good time. I love the feeling afterwards and as well as during working out. It felt good to just kind of let loose like that for an hour in a constructive way haha. We stayed about 45 or 50 minutes to workout. I was sooo tired, I don't know how I did it all before, I got so tired, so quick. I had a good time. After that I showered and ironed my clothes, we went out to eat, and now I'm here emailing your lovely faces. 

This week has been good but it sounds like you guys had a much more fun week. I mean I can't compare my awesome stories of conversions and testimonies to yours.....joke. This week went by really well, and I'm excited to fill ya in. Our progressing investigators, the Vega family, is being baptized on Saturday at 1 o'clock PM. I'm super excited. With all other investigators that I've baptized, I've never been the first missionary that has taught the investigators, I've just baptized those that other missionaries started teaching. Now, I'll be baptizing three people who I first started teaching. I love everyone I baptize but I think this one is a little more special. I still remember the first day that Elder Edillo and I taught them. They were a referral from a LA family, that is now active. Elder Edillo and I went over and they let us come in and talk with them. I didn't want to be there that much. We had such a long day, and I was still trying to figure out the new area, etc. I put on my best "I'm a happy person" face. Ever since then I love going to them even though they are far away. They always feed us some tasty bread, and TANG. Elder and I love the TANG they buy we always quietly shout "combo, combo, combo", when Sister Vega is making it. Its good stuff. Now I'll be baptizing them all on Saturday. They all asked me to do it, and I felt so awkward. I wanted to split it up with Elder Yangyang, I just felt so awkward. Elder Yangyang is great, right after they had told me they wanted me to do it, "he said Elder Kornegay will do the baptism with water, and I'll do the baptizing by the Holy Ghost". I thought that was awesome, how great he was. Yesterday, after church we were reviewing the baptismal questions. We were trying to make it more like a conversation and not like a pass or fail interview. We were having a good time going over the questions but it still felt pretty serious. 

We have a mission tour here in Naga mission next transfer. I'm pretty excited. We are going to meet Elder Teh, the President of the Philippines Area. I'm super excited to meet him. Hopefully I'm still in the south of the mission when that happens. All of the missionaries in the South are in one conference that will be held in Legazpi city, while the zones in the north will be divided up. I sooo want to stay here to see a lot of friends, and old companions: Elder Gilliam, and Edillo. They are my only comps who are in the South. Elder Smith is still in the North part of the mission :/ So I'm really excited for the thingy! 

This week I got mail from Sisters Tess and Chona from Paracale!!!! OMGOODNESS I miss that area so much. When I left Paracale, Sister Tess was in Manila visiting her family and she was soooo sad that she didn't get to say bye... She cried when I said bye to her on the phone haha. Anyways, she sent me a nice letter saying happy birthday, as well as some peanut brittle and a t-shirt!!! I was so grateful that she did all of that for me. I was also impressed because I understood everything in her and Sister Chona's letters to me. 

I'm so jealous of the fireworks!! I miss going to the July 3 thing in Anthem, too bad I barely miss it next year.... How are the Bentzs and Blairs doing? Larsens? Yep Cathy C from Paracale. She is Sis Tess daughter who works in Manila, and she probably bought the shirt, and put her moms name on it haha. I found the duct tape that u guys sent with me, when I came here. It took me forever to remember that I had some so I bought some Filipino packaging tape. I still haven't gotten my package yet, but hopefully I get it this week or something like that. I loved the pictures of Morgan but u need 2 make her dress modestly. ;)


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