Saturday, September 1, 2012

June 10, 2012 part 2

I already sent my email, but as I'm typing I'm thinking of other things that happened. I went on exchanges this week with a future missionary. He is super masipag (diligent). His name is Coven Riparip. He is way sick and his family is way strong in the church. They are in Iriga 2 branch. His name is Cove for covenant, Eter for eternal life is his brother. One of his sisters is Temple....guess what that one means haha. He has another sister with a name like that, but I can't remember it. His dad is way cool and so funny. He served his mission in Hawaii and he said that he and I are friends on Facebook. I will miss that guy. 

Anyways Coven goes to Davao mission on June 30. We had a good exchange and will be a kick butt missionary. He and I went to a funeral together and then Elder Yangyang and another prospective missionary met us there. I was asked to speak at the funeral last minute, so I shared Alma 40:11 I think it is how after this life men are taken back home to that God who gave them life. It went really good and was simple. It was my first time speaking at a funeral and I didn't know the guy. Hopefully his wife will start coming back to church. 

When we were there they kept feeding us so many cupcakes and Tang. I ate so many they were endless and I felt so sick after wards. Speaking of stomach aches I spent a bunch of money on a big thing of boxed milk and drank it for breakfast booyah.

On Saturday there is a family out in Bula who has a hard time sometimes paying for bus fare to get to church. When we went over there to teach they told us that they were going to start selling Buko (coconut custard pie). AMEN SO HAPPY. I told them that I wanted to buy 7. And I did it all equalled to less than 2 American bucks, we all got sooooo full, and they were able to go to church the next day :D

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