Saturday, September 1, 2012

June 10, 2012

Hey what's up? Another week is gone by. This week has gone by pretty quick, its crazy. We got a lot of work done this week. We taught 25 lessons. Wooo. First time we did it here in Baao. That's the "standard of excellence" here in the mission. It's not about numbers for us, of course its all about the people, but I am glad we were able to meet our goal. 

We didn't have any investigators at church yesterday, which stunk. We had to move their baptismal date back one week. So if we are lucky we are looking at about 6 baptisms on June 30. If we aren't lucky maybe 4. Which is still great though. We are going to kick butt though this next week and hopefully everyone will keep progressing. Our investigators weren't there because half were in the hospital and the other half were out doing something not as important. The Pacquio fight didn't really affect our church attendance which was great! So people might have had more legitimate reasons to miss church compared to just going and watching a fight. 

Bro Talacsan is progressing really well, he is in the hospital with his wife and one of their kids. Their youngest son got really sick and so they've been in the hospital with him for almost a whole week. They don't have any money to buy food or things like that which is really sad. I wish we could help but as missionaries we aren't supposed to get involved with that so we've been talking to the branch and district about what they can do to help out. The Vega's are progressing well, and we love going over to teach them. We are having a FHE over there on Friday. We would go over there tonight but we have a different FHE to go to at the Iriga 2 branch president's house. 

One of our less active members, Bro Hapa is almost activated. He is a way cool dude. We were really able to help him out this week, twice. Once we were walking by and we saw him outside cutting wood so we hoped over the fence and took the ax from him and started cutting wood in our regular proselyte clothes it was way cool because he was so appreciative. We took turns every couple minutes. While one elder was cutting the other was talking. After we were done, we taught a lesson about the importance of being good examples. It went really good. I was lucky, my hands didn't bleed this time!! :) 

A second time we went over there this week and his daughter wasn't feeling good. We asked what was wrong and she said she had a headache and a stomachache; she looked so beat. Bro Hapa said he was cooking dinner for her and them and we asked what was for dinner and he said rice, then we asked what there ulam was and he said just rice. So after that elder Yang2 and I went to a Tindahan and I bought a 1.5 L of coke for them. I didn't know if buying ulam would be inappropriate so I bought the coke because it always works for me when I have stomachaches and headaches. They were so grateful!! It was awesome. Bro Hapa when he shook my hand said "Dyos malabos" which is the "thank you" in some Bicols (his native bicol is a bicol in sorsogon province) and then he said thank you. So he said it in his native tongue and mine which was cool. Salamat is thank you in Tagalog and it is neither of our native languges but it is how we speak to each other, but becuase he was so grateful he used his and my languages. 

I know Coke is bawal (forbidden) here in Naga mission but just because I can't drink it, doesn't mean they can't. I used my personal money, they were thankful, and the next time we saw them they said it helped. 

We are working on getting our house worked out but we can't get a hold of the owner of the new house. She never texts us back. People only text here, people never really call because its more expensive. Its also cooler to have textmates vs callmates haha. I can't think of anything else send me an email. I love you. Language is good I had a little trouble with it yesterday I don't know why, can you put my name on the temple rolls or something?

Love you

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