Saturday, September 1, 2012

June 17, 2012

This past week was crazy though. We hit 24 lessons with everything going on which I'm proud of. Last week on Wednesday, we had interviews with President which I really enjoyed. President Bliesner is way cool. They came to our apartment with the ZLs to do the interviews and apartment check. Tuesday night, we spent forever and a half cleaning the place. We only got a 56/60, but whatever. Our area books were perfect though. 

Starting Wednesday and its still going on now, I was having these really weird mouth pains. It felt like I got punched in the face. Now it just hurts a little bit in a couple spots. Anyways I text sister Bliesner and she said that we should go to a dentist in Naga. So that's what we did on Friday morning. We went to Naga and the dentist just put a punch of medicine in my mouth and did a couple other things, then gave me the bill and a prescription. They are like canker sores but seem a little different. They are going away which is pretty sweet. That's the reason btw, I withdrew a bunch of money the other night, I wasn't sure if the mission paid for dental things, but they ended up paying for it. After the dentist appointment, we went to the mission office to drop off receipts and stuff. As I was talking to the finance elder he said something about Mexicali and Mexican food. I stopped him in the middle of whatever he was saying and I said, "did you just say.....Mexicali?"......"that sounds like Mexican food." Then he said "ya, its called Mexicali, its a Mexican food restaurant in this part of Naga" 

You can bet your butts what we did next. We were on a tricee 12 seconds later, and within 30 minutes I was shoving down a carne asada burrito with a plate of loaded nachos. BOOOOYA. Amen. I needed this. Ive been literally craving Mexican food. It kept me awake at nights a couple times in my mission.....and I got some. I bought for my comp because he didn't have money and the poor guy never had Mexican food in his life. I had to explain simple terms like burrito, nacho, taco, guacamole, salsa, etc to him. Simple phrases I could never live with out, he had never eaten. We pigged out and Elder Yang2 was so grateful that I did this for him. He loved it. This was the most expensive meal I bought on my mission but it was so worth it. 618P which is less than 20 bucks. We took pictures and all. 

Also this week we had some great experiences teaching. We taught the "A" family about fasting. Probably the best lesson Elder Yang2 and I ever taught together, the Spirit was really strong. We taught about fasting and faith because Bro "A" is a RM and he and his family want to go to church each week. Money has been a problem, but they worked it out to make it work each week, but he hasn't been able to go, even though the rest are, because he has some severe arthritis in his legs or something like that. He's been getting a little better each and every time we visit. But we told them that if they fast and have faith that he could attend church again. We need him because he is a Melchizedek priesthood holder. We don't know if they fasted because we didn't really have a chance to talk to him at District conference but he and his family went. Booya. And they plan on going each and every week now. Stuff like this is better than a baptism. District conference was good. 

We had a broadcast from SLC with Elder L Tom Perry, Keith R Richards, and Ann Dibb speaking to us. It was a lot of fun. So many people from Baao went, some people that we have been working with forever who haven't attended church yet, finally came. It was so cool seeing a sister there that we have been teaching. This past week we felt so drained in planning because we didn't know what we should teach her. we ran out of ideas, we did everything, then boom, she's there on Sunday. Ya baby.

On Tuesday we are having an FHE at a members house (the less active sister I just wrote about) and we are going to cook a bunch of food, and eat at her house with her family and some others for my birthday. I'm buying all of the food. Probably like 6-8 American dollars hahaha. Everything is so cheap here! How much money do I have in my account? 

Love you!

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