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June 3, 2012

What’s up boys and girls, 

What’s up. 

This week has been kewl. Pretty much savin’ the world here in Baao. You know how it is. We taught quite a bit but we weren't able to teach 3 days of the week. Kind of lame but it was good. First day was p-day. By the time we get everything done here, we don't have time to go teach because we have to travel to our area etc. So we are fixing that problem by looking for an apartment in Baao. And we found one. It’s just the cutest lil thing. I’ll upload it to my pix later. 

On Tuesday, we had zone conference. By the time we were done there in Ligao, and got home, and everything, again, not enough time to go out and get a lesson and still be back to the bus stop for a last trip back to Iriga. So again that kind of stunk. But the conference was good though! President called 2 people to speak on two assigned topics we were given, and I was picked to give one of them. It was random, and without much notice. Good thing we're all Eagle scouts (I say we all cause you guys did so much of mine) right? I was prepared, and gave my talk on the Doctrine of Christ. I felt good about it, and some other missionaries told me that I did good. Im just glad people paid attention haha. 

The other day that we weren't able to work was Saturday. We had a baptism that day. We spent the whole morning at the computer shop trying to get stuff worked out with our apartment, and a baptismal flyer made. I swear the workers are so dumb at that Internet shop. Literally I told them specifically in perfect Tagalog (Elder Yangyang backed me up and said I said everything right) how many flyers I needed and everything.... 2 hours later, still not write. I felt like I was talking to idiots. I had to talk to them while they were on Facebook and playing games, instead of helping customers. I never complain about stuff ever. I am grateful that if I have a talent, its not really letting stuff like that bug me, but this one did. So after we got everything fixed, I chastised them a bit in their own language, so there would be no misunderstandings haha. 

After that we only had an hour and a half until we had to be at the church to start filling the font, which takes an hour to fill. The area we had planned to go to takes an hour to get to by bus, so we just ate lunch. The baptism was nice. 

The 13-year-old boys name is Arnold. His family is all members except for him, ad he has a good testimony. He should be made a deacon next week, I believe. Arnold's dad is less active and we worked with him to plan to do the ordinance. He never showed up to the baptism. Only Arnold and his mom did, and he might have been a little bit bummed because of that. Before the baptism my DL told me to be prepared to do the ordinance just in case, lucky for me, I brought my white pants! I did the ordinance and put my regular pants on my wet clothes. Mesh dries super quick, and I only got a little wet on my polo. It was nice. After that, we went to 2 FHE's and had a really good time. 

Other than those days we were able to work and find a new apartment. I'd definitely say we got a lot done this week, which is good. We are doing great with our investigator family; they are all progressing so much. We are also killing it with the LA's. We had 5 Melchizedek priesthood holders at church on Sunday...the amount we need to become a branch! BOOYA! Hopefully that will happen soon. 

Some Melchizedek priesthood holders are almost fully activated! We are kickin’ butt here. We are also teaching a brother that I told you about. We are going to give him a baptismal date tomorrow. We are sooo pumped! He has a big desire to be with his family forever. COOL. 

This transfer is almost halfway over. Ive been gone 11 months today. Crazy right? Any questions class? Love you. 


P.S. can you send me a small Book of Mormon (English) in my birthday box? A less active teen says the English Book of Mormon is easier than Tagalog (everyone says that) and wants a small one! Like the little pocket sized one. I figure if that’s what it takes for him to read and be active then no problem… 

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