Saturday, September 1, 2012

May 20, 2012

What’s up? Life is good here. I’m still here in Ligao zone after the transfers. Elder Edillo was transferred to Tabaco. Here is a ZL over there. And I just got made the senior companion here in Baao. My new companion is Elder Yangyang. He's from Negros Occidental and he's a loud guy, which is awesome. It’s a lot more fun when your companion is loud and out going compared to quiet and to himself. 

This week has been all right, maybe the longest of my mission. I don’t know why it seemed so long, but it did. Its been crazy temperature wise here too over the past several days: hot, then super rainy, then super hot, etc. Some of the members at church said I need more sleep, I tell them I sleep 8 hours a day! So they said to eat more ice cream. They said it would help my body adjust to all of the temperature changes haha. OK normally I disagree with some Filipino medical tips but I’m down to eat ice cream for some medicine! Haha. 

Earlier today, Elder Yang2 and I went to a small little gym here that we found! It was 35 pesos. I hated working out!! I’m so sore right now. I know I’ll hate working out for the first month or so after I start but after that it gets to be really fun. We are only going to come here on P days though, there isn’t time in the normal day to workout like this. I’m super sore right now and I love/hate it! I haven’t worked out since mid June, craaazzzy. 

We tried to keep busy this week with work. We went out to work everyday on time, and I always did studies but we didn’t get a lot of lessons this week. I feel bad for as many as we got but we kept getting punted from everywhere that we went. The lessons we did have though were great. We gave a family a baptismal commitment! Everyone except for Tatay and one daughter, who both live near Manila. Other than that, everyone is excited for baptism. We don’t have the date yet, but the commitment is done! 

Also this week Elder Yang2 and I have been looking for a new apartment in Baao. That took some time away from teaching, but it will definitely help our teaching when we live in our area.


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