Saturday, September 1, 2012

May 7, 2012

This week has been so long and so fast at the same time. We are having a good time here in Baao/Iriga but I’m way excited for transfers. |’m excited for next week too. I’ll sign onto Skype later before I go home to figure out my password/account info etc. I don’t remember it. BTW that picture that Morgan emailed to me, the cowboy one, please make that my profile picture lol. That was so funny. That is a less active family and we were just trying to have a fun time with them, make them want to go back to church kinda thing. 

That’s cool you both got haircuts and carpets cleaned. I haven't stepped on carpet in 10 months and hopefully Ill get my haircut later tonight. 

Tonight has been a fun day. We had a district activity. My first district activity! I’ve qualified for one every transfer except for my first and we've never had one because there wasn't much to do in Paracale or Jose Panganiban, plus there is only 4 of us in a district. It wouldn't have been super fun, but today was cool. My district, 8 of us, went to Buhi! Buhi is way cool, it was my first time going there. They have a big sweet lake in their area. We took a boat across the lake and hiked for 30 minutes or so until we came to these awesome water falls. Sorry I don't have any pictures because I don't have any batteries, but I will try and get the pictures we took from other people in my district. It was way fun! I loved the short boat ride across the lake. It reminded me of going to the lake by our house. I loved being out there! After we had our activity we cooked and ate at the Buhi elder's apartment. 

While I was there, we went over to their neighbor, who is a member, and I bought some things. She is famous in the mission for her business. I swear this lady makes so much money from the missionaries. I bought a new coin purse (my old one busted), 3 new ties, and a side-proselyting bag. I’ll take some pictures or show you next week. Everything together cost me 550 pesos, which is a little over 12 bucks I think. Its great because I needed new ties, and a side bag would be nice. 

Our church group here is doing well. The district here (its like a stake but smaller and run by the mission) had a Youth conference this past week. It did really good things for the youth here because they all went to church on Sunday and most of them bore their testimonies too. Hopefully they will stay. I got up and bore my testimony about my experiences at youth conference and why seminary is important. I think they are all going to do really well. 

We have a baptism on Saturday. It’s for an 11 year old girl named Marry Cris. She is way cool; she is Emma's age but just a few months younger. Marry Cris is way awesome. She lives with a family that is coming back into activity in the Church. Her real family died recently and this family is her closest living relative. Sad. She is super quiet, and I think I’ve only heard her answer yes and no questions, and maybe some other very simple questions like that. When Elder Coble (ZL) was giving her her baptismal interview, she asked if I would do her baptism. Which I thought was pretty cool. Elder Coble had to tell me, she was too shy to tell my in person hahaha. I’m the new missionary here and I think its cool that I get to do the baptism. Plus it will be at a regular building! I don't have to worry about getting all gross at the beach. 

I always try and make Marry Cris smile and laugh by saying stuff like "girl where's your boyfriend" or just really goofy things or maybe do a dance walking into the room, etc. She always hides her head when she laughs haha :) Other than that this week has been the same. Hot. Humid. People calling you Joe. Etc. I have a friend named Joe, and I'd honestly bet that more people have called me Joe than him. It’s honest. 

This next week is transfers! Can you believe how fast this is going? It’s been almost 3 months since Elder Gilliam had dengue. That feels like just the other day. I have been thinking about what we can do as missionaries for the group. I’m thinking that Elder Edillo and I will go out each morning, and teach and invite others to church, and even invite some to walk with us to church, etc. Then, after church (which is 2-4) we will do our studies. I hope it works. I bet people will go when the invitation is fresh in their head compared to 3 days earlier. We need some improvement here. 

Elder Edillo and I work hard and are obedient, and our lessons are few, and we are trying to figure out why. But hopefully it will kick back up soon. Its kind of hard coming from an area where the Branch President drove up from Daet 2-3 times a week to work with us, as well as his counselors; which if planned right, would work with us everyday. Here it’s really hard to get member help. That really is such a big part to missionary work. I left Paracale a much much better area, than when I found it, most of which was because of the branch presidency and members. 

Here is Elder McKendrick's phone number. He and another missionary from Naga mission would love to eat dinner at our house on a Sunday night if possible. He'd bring Elder Reed. They were in the MTC together and left together from the field. I saw him once my first day, but I don't remember meeting him. They'd love to eat at our place if that’s cool. (---) --- - ---- 

Love me

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