Monday, November 5, 2012

A Letter from the Mission Office

Dear Brother and Sister Kornegay,

We are pleased to announce that Elder Michael Kornegay has been assigned to serve as a District Leader/Trainer in the Philippines Naga Mission. This assignment reflects the trust and confidence of his Mission President and the Lord and reflects the will of the Lord expressed through the whisperings of the Holy Ghost. Elder Kornegay is a wonderful missionary with strong missionary skills and is loved and respected by his fellow missionaries and the other leaders within the mission.  This assignment brings opportunity for growth and a need for even greater humility, but does not overshadow his primary responsibility to invite Heavenly Father's children to return to Him.

Thank you for communicating with  Elder Kornegay on a regular basis and for encouraging him in humility, diligence and obedience.

We are confident that Elder Kornegay will put forth his best efforts in this new assignment and that he will strive to be exactly obedient in living the commandments of God and all of the mission rules.  Thank you for sending us such a great missionary.

President Ronald D. Bliesner
Philippines Naga Mission
39 Panganiban Rd., Naga City
4400 Camarines Sur

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