Monday, November 5, 2012

October 14, 2012

Hello family, 

Another week gone, which means another closer to being transferred! I'm so excited to get transferred. I'm going to work hard for these next two weeks, but I am excited to get to a new area though. This past week has been long, but good nevertheless. On Tuesday we had north leadership training, in Naga. That was a lot of fun, we learned a lot of good things. I will be teaching what we learned over our next two weeks in district meetings to my district. We learned a lot about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and how to teach it more effectively and as well as more simplified. We met the sister missionaries who were assigned to go in Iriga at the terminal there, then the 4 of us rode in a van to Naga city. We got to the mission office by 8, and got a ride to the Naga stake center with the couple missionaries. We started at 9 and it went to 3 or so I believe. It was lots of fun getting to be with everyone who is a leader in the North. I talked to the DL in Paracale district a lot, he is assigned in Paracale and is way nice. So many people that we were working with in Paracale now have callings, etc. So awesome. I also surprised Elder Smith. He is the long time ZL in Goa zone and he thought I'd be in the south, but I surprised him by showing up in Naga. We had such a good time together. For the practice teaching at the teaching, we were assigned to teach President again. We had to teach from what we felt to teach him about, no topic or anything. We had to teach a person, and not just a lesson. At first I thought we kicked butt, I thought we nailed it on the head. For the second round, he changed his scenario and it was pretty hard; I felt like Elder Madsen and I were struggling pretty hard, and weren't really going anywhere with the lesson. Then President said something, and I felt prompted to go off about Joseph Smith. And I did I just went off, feeling inspired, not really thinking at what I was talking about, then I almost started crying. I was nervous I was too bold but after we closed that mini-lesson, he said it was great. Which is good, I was worried we sounded too lost at first. It was a really cool experience, a testimony builder I think of following the Spirit and of Joseph Smith. Something that are always needed as a member of the Church. After the practice, I said bye to E Smith for probably the last time. I'm going to miss that guy. After that we went out to the crappy Mexican food restaurant in Naga for dinner. We wanted to go buy milk but had no time. Later that night I texted one of the AP's to please get me some milk and please bring it to Legazpi for the other training. He said that my ZLs didn't understand the text he sent them, and that I'd just be going to training in Naga, not Legazpi too. That wasn't a big deal, its a lot cheaper only going to one. Too bad I didn't get to see Elders Yangyang or Gilliam. This is Gilliam's last transfer, hopefully I see him before he leaves. Because we didn't have to go to Legazpi I went on exchanges with Elder Flores in Iriga 2 area. I did it that day instead of this coming week to save time. This coming week will be a crazy week, which is good. While Elder Flores and I were out in Baao, we stopped at a bakery that we always go to to buy food. I noticed in their fridge that they had fresh Pili fresh fresh. Like exactly the same stuff I love! Its what I am always buying when I am in Naga.....but this time it was in my own area!!! I asked the lady 3 times, if they have this everyday. She said yes, but I had to keep asking to make sure, for sure, that this was for real. This is way serious to me! Haha. I bought oh so much milk, I used oh so much money, and have been drinking milk everyday since. Just shy of 2L a day. If I don't get transferred, Ill use up all of my money there. Hopefully I'm transferred haha. I feel so dumb though that I had it in my area for 7.5 months, and never noticed it. :/

Conference was great. Didn't do much those days except for eating and watching conference. Lots of fun. I loved each of the talks. Every single time that I see or hear Elder Oaks, I want to be a lawyer. Every time. Who knows what will happen when I get home.

I loved conference. I wrote about everything worth writing about. I hope this next week is great. Ill be fasting soon for it to be a great week, and great work.  To answer your question, transfer day is Oct 30. So Ill be unpacking my things in my new area that night. Malapit na!!

Love you!

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