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October 28, 2012

Oh yeah, he did it again! This did not sit well with his Mom! However, this e-mail was followed by some really great news, so it was worth it, sort of... 

Email from elder madsen to his family

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Date: Sun, Oct 28, 2012 at 7:47 PM
Subject: All Grown Up!
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Well I have officially reached the end of my second transfer as a missionary! That means that I am now done with my training! So Elder Kornegay my trainer is going to leave tomorrow and I am going to get a new companion! A Filipino! I won't find out who it is until tomorrow so I am way excited/nervous! It is pretty scary because I will have to take my new companion out to all the people we teach and lead the area for a week or two. It will be hard but I know I can do it because I have done it on our exchanges I have done it before, plus this will help me build stronger relationships with the people we teach because I will have to talk to them. Haha. Usually Elder Kornegay takes care of all the "small talk" stuff. It's going to be hard, but way worth it and I feel like my Tagalog is going to jump so much having a Filipino companion, hopefully he has really bad English haha.

Anyway so this last week went really well! We worked so hard like every day but we didn't get very many lessons. But it is ok because the lessons we did have were way good! On Tuesday I had an exchange with my Zone Leader. It went pretty well, on the bus ride to go pick him up they were playing Rambo III, and on the way back an Eagle's concert, it was really hard to resist those temptations, but I tried my best haha. So our work was really good, we had a lot of lessons planned but about half of them fell through so we finished and I didn't know where else to go, and it was dark, which meant it would be hard to do anything. People really don't like to be taught at night which stinks because it gets dark at like 6:30 here. So around 7:30 we went home to finish studies, plus he was excited to go home early because he is pretty trunky. He is going home like tomorrow, but it was a way good exchange, he is really funny.

The rest of the week was kind of like Elder Kornegay's farewell to Baao. We just went to all the people we teach and he said goodbye and he left them with a powerful message about enduring to the end. Elder Kornegay has been here 7 and a half months so he and the people were sad to see him go. I hope that I can get people to love me enough that they are sad when I leave! It is kind of hard because making small talk and getting to know them is not my expertise. Most of my vocabulary is gospel words, so I will be working on that soon.

Sunday was a really good day. President Flores of the mission presidency, (He is a Filipino guy that works with President Bliesner) came to our sacrament. We were nervous because we weren't sure if a lot of people would show up or not, luckily it was a pretty good number. There could have been a few more Priesthood holders but that's ok. President Flores said Baao is actually really close to becoming a branch again so that is way exciting! Hopefully my new companion and I can really keep up the work!

Well I love and miss you all. I am including some pictures of the last couple weeks, I forgot to send some last week, I hope you all have a great week!

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