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October 7, 2012

I heard about the new age for missionaries yesterday right after church. I didn't believe it at first. It came to one of the teachers at church to his cell phone through a text message. I immediately text President Bliesner to ask if it was true, because if so that's way sick! He text back saying that it was true. After that I sent a message to everyone in our district letting them know of the change. That is so awesome. The first thing I did when I got to the Internet shop was watch that clip of conference. President Monson is the man. It seemed like he was just talking directly to a person, you or me, not a whole group of people. He also seemed really humbled about it, he did it very well. I am so excited for Elder Holland's talk as well as Elder Christofferson and President Uchtdorf. They are all some of my favorites. I listen to Elder Holland talks everyday, and I want to be a speaker or a writer just like him. He kills it, he is so good with words. I love it. Are there any 18 year olds or almost 18 year olds in our ward or stake that I'd know who are planning on serving missions? That's a crazy thing to jump forward a year. I wish I could have done that!! Id be home by now haha, but oh well, I love my mission.

This week has been good. Just another week I think. We got a lot done this week. We met the standard of excellence for lessons and new investigators, and didn't even work on one of the days. On Tuesday we had exchanges with the Iriga 2 elders. On Wednesday, the 2nd day of the exchange we got back to our area, and started cooking lunch. That turned into a nightmare. I had bought 2 liters of boxed milk on Pday, and started and finished them on Wednesday. Elder Madsen and I also ate more than half of the giant bag he was sent from home, of giant peanut butter M&Ms that we kept in the fridge. We had so much.... Then we ate some of his skittles.... We were so sick to our stomach. I don't know if I told you this, but I have a problem with milk now. Its still my all time favorite, but if I drink more than 2 glasses I get an upset stomach. I drank 2L lol. It was sooo good, even though it was boxed haha. I'm just trying to get prepared for when I get home; a gallon a day baby. Anyway, that slowed down our work for that day.

On Thursday, we had to be in the Ligao chapel by 8 AM for DLC and Zone Training. During DLC the zone leaders told me that the assistants called them the night before and told them that I needed to attend both leadership trainings coming up this week, one in Naga and one in Legazpi, and they didn't say why. UGH. I really am excited, but that is going to just be so hard on our work, and support, plus I have no idea why I have to go to both! All of the other leaders in the mission like me, only have to go to one, north or south, depending where they are. So I'm excited/nervous. I text the APs the other night and asked why and they said because "Ive been very very pasaway haha." Which means naughty. It should be fun getting to see E Smith, E Gilliam before they go home though. Elder Smith is going to be so surprised to see me in the North tomorrow haha. Anyway, this takes place Tuesday, and the other one on Thursday. They are both all day events. We also won't have any work on Saturday or Sunday due to General Conference. It will be a long/crazy/awesome week.

Friday and Saturday were normal work days. We kicked butt, and taught all we could. I had exchanges with the ZLs on one of the days. We got 4 new investigators in less than an hour. Its hard just getting 2 a week. We were way pumped about that. We also taught 7 lessons together. When I was back with Elder Madsen, we went and taught one of our investigators, Alain and his family, that we met a while ago. He's the one who gave us a free ride on his pudjak. We taught them about the Aklat ni Mormon. It went great. At first I thought that Alain had something in his eye, but he was actually trying to hide his crying. I hope they progress more! Later that day Elder Madsen and I were walking. I tell everyone hello, good morning, afternoon, night whatever it is to everyone I see, no joke everyone. After saying it to a lady she stopped and started talking to us for 10 minutes right there in the street. She had a child with down syndrome with her, and I told her that my brother has autism, and we talked about that for a minute. The conversation went great. We got her address and an appointment to go back to her this week. She pointed to her house. It was some big monster house! Which is awesome! That is our weakness in the Philippines. The poor people are easy to baptize, but its hard to teach the rich people. I feel really blessed that we met her. BTW, the tithing money that is used in the Philippines is 90% foreign. That means out of every dollar the Church in the Philippines that is used, 90 cents of it comes from America. We are working on finding those that can really support the Church in their own land, and be truly reliant.

Sunday sucked and was awesome. Bad news first, church attendance sucked. I'm trying to use better words in my vocabulary but sucked and sucks fits. We have been working our buts off this transfer. No joke, we get lots of work done. We work hard, and church attendance sucked. We worked lots in the morning of Sunday but literally everyone told us straight to our faces that they weren't going to go to Church. I was so sad. They are one of the closest barangays to the church, but they just don't go. We spend so much time there with them every week. Ive been there 7.5 months; I know their stories and situations, and they still don't go to church. I'll list the reasons why: its muddy, its hot, it might rain, tired, my clothes are still drying (shouldn't wash on Sunday anyways), can't find this or that, etc. So lame. When we got to Church later that afternoon, everyone asked if I was ok, I told them that I was alright. I felt like I wanted to cry, which doesn't happen all too much. I have spent countless hours, etc. to try and help them to get to go to Church, and they don't. It used to be kind of funny to joke about, now I just get super sad thinking about it. Ive been here forever and I want to leave Baao better than it was when I got there, and I have a hard time believing that I did. 

Alright the good news. I gave my first baptismal interview yesterday. It went so great. The girl that is getting baptized this week by the Iriga elders is so awesome. She is Emma's age, but so super mature. Elder Maure (one of the Iriga elders) told me to be kind of easy on her in the interview. I thought, well she has to pass the interview, but she has to completely understand what she's about to do in order to pass. So I started the interview and we talked for just 2 or 3 minutes before I started asking the questions, and she just blew it all away. She knew everything so well. I didn't go easy, I thought maybe I can make this a tad harder, and ask a lot of Why questions. "Why do you want this?" Why you?"..etc. She knew it all and had great answers. I thought about her when I was at Church and was grateful that there are still lots of people with desires to do the right, and serve God, vs complaining about a patch of mud, or being tired. I hope everyone can be as ready as her. We are going to her baptism on Friday. I'm buying her a journal later today. I told her that I would and that every night she should write how her day went and what she felt from her new companionship of the Holy Ghost. COOL. 

my hand hurts bye. email me. love you

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