Monday, November 5, 2012

September 23, 2012

Maligayang pasko!

Love you too. This week has been great. We are at the SM (a mall) right now in Naga city. We texted President last night and asked if we could go to Naga to buy some things, shoes, maybe a new pair of pants, and milk. Elder Madsen needs a new dictionary, etc. Hey President just actually walked by us with Sister Bliesner and said hey haha. I'm so glad that its finally P-Day! This has been a long week, just so much stuff going on. We are trying our best to hit the Standard of Excellence (25 lessons) this week but we only got 21. I know we would've had almost 30 if we didn't have a meeting on Thursday and didn't get any work done on that day. As well as Monday, we didn't get any work there either. I am a District Leader now. Yep I found out last Tuesday. Its fun, and I'm excited for it. I get to go on exchanges with all of the Elders in my district which I will start tomorrow. This means I also give workshops at district meetings. I gave one last week for my first week as a district leader, and it went really really well. I was nervous at first, but it went really well, and Im not to nervous anymore. That meeting we had on Thursday was DLC (district leader council) for the 3 DLs in the zone and their companions. do you remember my future roommate and really good friend here in the mission Elder Salas? He is my ZL now! I'm so stoked that guy is awesome. I'm excited to get to go on exchanges with him.

I had some cool experiences this week. Yesterday morning, we tried giving a baptismal date to a fairly new investigator. Her husband is a LA member, who we are working with. They love us, the missionaries, they love when we come over but yesterday she wouldn't accept our baptismal date, we will keep working with her though. Not only her, but her other of age children, who are also investigators. We taught lesson one so well to her! And reviewed our last message about scriptures and the Book of Mormon, and she was really starting to understand it all. Then at the end I asked, when you know this is true, will you be baptized by one holding the Priesthood authority of God? She was taken back, and just started talking and talking, so fast. I understood her though, it was great. I just kept thinking about a lady who talked like her from Paracale, and I just never understood her. At least I know I'm getting better haha. Anyways, she was worried she'd have to go tracting as a member, she'd have to go on a mission, she'd have to do all of these crazy things. I told her that's not true, and I told her what her only obligations would be, and she was surprised. She said she really wants to know the truth of our message, but that she doesn't want to leave the Church she was raised in. I told her that when she wants to know the truth, she will, and that she'll have to act on it. So we closed the lesson and asked her to pray and she did. She just started bawling about halfway through. She asked to know if it was true. She was too embarrassed to look at us as we left so she hid her face and laughed a little as we left. Then I told Elder as we were leaving "I think she just got her answer" hahaha.

Also this week we had the opportunity to work with Bro Jeff again. One time we went to his house this week to share to his wife, who is coming back to the Church. We heard them talking with the kids that they were just eating boiled bananas that night for dinner. They had run out of rice, and didn't have any sort of ulam (rice topping). As Jeff and us walked outside I told him that I was hungry but told him that Elder and I didn't know how to cook very well. I asked that if we bought the food, that they'd teach us how to cook it. He said of course! So Elder and I went and bought a bunch of ingredients to make Laing, one of my favorite dishes. We also bought almost 4 kilos of rice... a lot more than what we would have needed. We probably only needed .75 kilo for all of us at the house to eat. We went straight out to work again after that, we told them that we had appts to go and teach so that they should just start cooking, and that we'll learn next time haha. Smooth. It was a really good dinner. We are doing that again later tonight. We are going to learn how to cook tinula, which I love as well. 

Its really expensive at the SM to Internet, so Ill finish this later when I can at a cheaper place! Love u

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