Monday, November 5, 2012

September 3, 2012

Whats up? This week has been good. It's been such a crazy long day. We've been getting a lot done this week, and are having a good time. First, its funny how you recently asked about my clothes. This week both, one of my polos, and a pair of pants got wholes in them, so I just recently got fitted for a pair, and should hopefully get them finished this week. I'm going to try and fix the holes but I ordered the extra polo and pants just in case my other clothes start to give out soon. I spent just under a 900P for both a custom pair of pants and polo. 

This week, Friday or Saturday maybe, we had an earthquake. It was way cool to experience that. It's the first earthquake I've ever felt, it wasn't that strong but it was enough, and long enough to get our attention, etc. It was way cool. We ran outside and saw the streetlights shaking pretty good.

We had such a fun/great opportunity to go out to work with President Bliesner this week. It was so fun, I loved it. We got a text on our phone last Monday night from him saying that he wanted to come and work with us. We started freaking out. I was so nervous! I'm a trainer, and of course I'm responsible for everything that goes wrong. I wanted to make sure that everything went perfect haha. So after we got the text I just started praying, then the next day we changed our plans for the day. We were originally supposed to go to an area called Sagrada, but we didn't want kids throwing poop or something at him, so we changed the plans to a different area. We planned to go to 2 LA's, and 2 Investigators, as well as check out the apartment we wanted to get. So first when President got there, we all drove in his car to our area from Iriga to Baao, and checked out the apartment. He approved it after talking to the owner about what changes he wants made. The owner speaks weak English like most people here so he basically promised President anything he wanted for free: bars on windows, screens, new paint, etc. Haha it was sweet. So then we sat down and I took the information we needed for the contract and President and I explained the tax info to the owner. After that we headed to Sister Barena's. We just normally call her Jaylee's mom. At first we didn't think there were people there, but then they eventually answered, and we BRTed for a minute then prayed, and then taught the lesson. Our lesson was about her reading assignment in Helaman 6. It went so well. I let Elder Madsen lead as much as he could, and he did so good. I filled in all of the rest then I asked President about pride to answer for all of us, then he did that, left his testimony and closed the lesson.That was in English but it was sooo good because Sis Barena and Jaylee were crying, score! Lol. After that We walked around for a bit, made return appts for an investigator, left pamphlets for people we decided to contact in the street, etc. Then we drove to a guy named Bro B. Bro B is sooo awesome, but he is LA for some personal debt that he owes to an old member. He is in his late 30's and is a Melchizedek priesthood holder. We work with him all the time but he just never comes to Church. So when President text us saying he wanted to work with us, Bro B was the first guy I wanted to visit. I also changed our lesson plan to Repentance and Alma 36, which worked really well. We parked close to this guy's house, contacted some people, made return appointments, then went to Bro B. It went so well, might be the best lesson I've ever been a part of. I think it was amazing for President to be there, at the end of the lesson, President wanted to share one more verse, and he did, then he just called that guy out in a perfect way. He told him that we need him and his priesthood at Church, it was in English, but Brother started crying, and he said he would. President prayed and he dropped us off at our next appt. Before he left he said the only thing wrong with the whole day was that I didn't leave a reading assignment at the first appointment. That's it. I was so relieved. I was expecting a big overview of everything I was doing wrong, which would've been ok, because then I'd know what to fix. He is super pleased with Elder Madsen, and how he teaches so much, when he is still so new. I'm so glad he got to come work with us. After we reviewed the day, he talked to us for just a couple of minutes about some Mormon broadcast on NBC, etc. Then we left. It was so funny seeing kids touch and press their faces up to President's car, even though we were inside of it, or when we were walking up to it. They just kept doing it, it was hilarious. They also called President Joe, as well haha. It was by far my favorite day of work in my mission. 

Even though we taught a lot of lessons and got a bunch of new investigators, not a lot of people went to church this week. Our teaching pool has gotten so big, that there isn't time to give everyone the time we need. We are trying to figure everything out. Elder Madsen and I keep joking that we need to start doing disobedient things so that we will stop our teaching pool from growing. Its so huge. Yesterday before Church we taught 6 lessons, and basically ran to each of them before Church it was an insane day. Yesterday while we were riding to Church from our last lesson in the AM, I started praying that Bro B would go to church. I prayed for a minute or 2, and when I opened my eyes I noticed we had stopped almost just in front of his house. I thought, huh how funny, what a coincidence. Then we rode for another 10 minutes or so until the stop right in front of where we get off to go to Church, and I got off the front exit after a couple other people and I jump off and turn directly to right and almost run straight into Bro B! It was crazy. I was so surprised. I couldn't have been more surprised....maybe if I saw you guys there, but its a close call. It turns out we were on the same bus! He got on the back exit and we didn't see each other, it was sooo sick! I was sooo happy! A week from tomorrow, we move into our new apartment, I'm so pumped!

Out of things to write about.
Love Me

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