Monday, November 5, 2012

September 9, 2012

This week has been crazy. We only got 14 lessons this week but we've been working hard though. Sorry this email isn't going to be very long just because I burnt the heck out of my index finger on my right hand this week while cooking and it hurts like heck to type and it takes forever too! I have a nice giant blister on it haha.

We are moving into our new apartment later tonight, and we still have so much to pack, and clean. It is so stressful and crazy but it will for sure help the work here in Baao. This week we have spent several days moving some of the stuff in, finishing the contracts, explaining tax stuff, trying to figure out why we wont have power until the 25th, etc. Its so crazy. I never want to move again. It should all be done by tomorrow though!! :)

We are doing good with our investigator work as well as our investigator work. We are planning to give 4 baptismal dates this week. I hope they all happen! Elder Madsen and I have been pretty masipag! We are hoping everything goes well with them. This week we had two different trainings. We went to Ligao on Wednesday and on Thursday for trainer/trainee training as well as zone training. I am so tired of traveling and moving around. Its not as much that I am sick of traveling, its wasting money that I'm tired of haha.

I'm not sure what else to really tell you about this week, I'm so sorry. President is picking us up from Iriga centro in about 30 minutes or so, and we will be taking him to a member in our area's house (our farthest area) so that he can give her a temple recommend interview. I'm so excited for this member, her family all wants to be sealed, but mom is getting her endowment first, because she is ready now and the temple trip is this week.

Tell Dad that I need some advice. I have been thinking so much about my mission. I have been thinking about everything Ive learned and stuff and I feel like I haven't learned nearly as much as I should have by now. We learned when Elders Cook Ardern and Callister came to Naga mission that we need to be more consecrated missionaries. Ive been reading talks about grace from Brad Wilcox in the "BYU Classics" as well as Elder David A Bednars from the "classics" page. It talks about the Atonement being an every day thing. It talks about the enabling power of the Atonement and its power verses just the redemptive power of it. I think I have a weakness in all of these things. I want to be totally changed, when I come back. Kind of like the change that Alma had. The change that when I get invited to go see an inappropriate movie with friends when I get home, or something seemingly small like that, I wont even have to think about the choice. Ill just do whats right, without thinking or doubting my decision. Its so hard and I don't want to come home until I've mastered this. What did you do in your mission dad to be more Christlike?

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